Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 108

Chapter 108
Blacksmith & appraiser [Solar Wind]
After stopping the war between Deiruheido and Azeshion I went home to eat my mom’s dinner . Ray, Misha and the others, as well as Eleonor, also came along .
“But it turned out fine in the end . Deiruheido and Azeshion went to war but didn’t Arnos-chan and the others go to Gairadeite for an academy exchange? Mom was really anxious and worried…… I thought you might have been caught up in the war… . . ” (Isabella)
My mom has tears in her eyes and they are also red and swollen . She must have been crying a lot .
“See? I said he’d be okay . We don’t need to worry about Arnos . ” (Gusta)
“Un, that’s right . I believed Arnos-chan would certainly come back……” (Isabella)
My mom starts crying again and my dad just laughs with a look on his face that says it can’t be helped .
“That reminds me, where were you during the war? You couldn’t have been in the hero academy . Did you hide somewhere or have you just come back on your own? It is you after all . ” (Gusta)
Fumu . As expected father, you don’t understand .
“I was in the Tora forest until a while ago . ” (Arnos)
“Oh I see . The Tora forest… . hmm…?” (Gusta)
Doubt enters my dad’s face and he tilts his head .
“If I’m not mistaken isn’t the Tora forest the border between Deiruheido and Azeshion… . . ?” (Gusta)
“It said on the magic broadcast that the Tora forest had become the battlefront… . ” (Isabella)
My mom looked at me with a fearful expression .
“Mom . Dad . I want you both to listen to me calmly . ” (Arnos)
Now’s a good a time as any . I’ll calmly fill them in on the basics .
“Uuuuuuuu! Mother is always calm!!” (Isabella)
My mom forcefully nods a number of times .
You don’t look very calm .
“Aaaaaaaaaaah! Your dad is always calm and composed!” (Gusta)
My dad’s whole body is shaking . I’m not sure if he’s upset or its something else .
“Fumu . Do you both want to calm down a little bit more? You can’t accept reality at the moment . ” (Arnos)
“It’s fine, it’s fine . Mother figured it out . ” (Isabella)
My mom’s expression is that of someone who has prepared themselves .
“Mother already knows . ” (Isabella)
“Knows what?” (Arnos)
“Arnos-chan isn’t a normal child . ” (Isabella)
I see . A lot has happened in a short space of time after all . Even my mom can’t fail to notice that .
“… . . Why did Arnos-chan want to come to Deiruheido? Why did you want to go to the demon king academy? Why did you say your name as soon as you were born? It can’t all be coincidental . ” (Isabella)
My mom seems to be persuading herself more than anything .
“So it’s okay . I’m prepared for anything . ” (Isabella)
My mom’s strong . She doesn’t understand anything but she’s always watching me .
“I’ll tell you then . ” (Arnos)
“Okay . ” (Isabella)
“It’s not really important but first off I’ll tell you where I was and what I was doing before I came here” (Arnos)
My mom looks at me with eyes that say she is ready to accept anything . At the moment she shouldn’t be daunted by my words .
“I stopped the war . ” (Arnos)
My mom fainted .
“Oi, hey, Isabella . You okay?” (Gusta)
My dad supports her and desperately calls out to my unconscious mom .
“Ah… . . yeah… . . huh? What happened? Arnos-chan said something important and then…… afterwards…?” (Isabella)
Mom has lost her memory .
“But it feels like a bad dream . Arnos-chan went to war… . But that can’t happen as Arnos-chan isn’t even 3 months old yet… . . ” (Isabella)
You can’t accept reality at all .
Was it wrong to talk about the war first?
“Let’s change the story . You’ve both lived in Deiruheido for a while now and have learnt about the mazoku and the great war from 2000 years ago . ” (Arnos)
My mom nods with a serious face .
“I’m the reincarnated demon king of tyranny . ” (Arnos)
My mom faints .
“Oi, oii, again? You okay Isabella? Hey, stay strong . It’s only a shallow wound . ”(Gusta)
There’s no wounds dad .
“… . I had a dream… . ” (Isabella)
My mom comes round and starts muttering like she delirious .
“I dreamt Arnos-chan became the demon king of tyranny… . . The person who started the war between Deiruheido and Azeshion… . . Everyone was judging Arnos-chan as a war criminal… . ” (Isabella)
It seems the shock was so great her memory has been altered when she fainted .
“What are you going to do about this since the spirit god sword cut off your destiny?” (Sasha)
Sasha complains to me while looking at Ray .
“Even if you look at me, I’m troubled as well . ” (Ray)
Ray smiles bitterly .
“I thought heroes were good at talking? Can’t you do something with that spirit god sword?” (Sasha)
“Evans Mana doesn’t work on those who are holy . Can’t you do something with your ?” (Ray)
“Unfortunately, I already tried that . ” (Sasha)
My subordinates have already raised the white flag and surrendered .
It’s pretty impressive that Ray’s heart that couldn’t be broken by any war was broken instantly here .
I never had this much trouble 2000 years ago either .
Now then . What can I do about this?
“I know what Arnos-chan wants to say . ” (Isabella)
While I was thinking about what to do my moms took the initiative and—
“They’ve increased . A new child . ” (Isabella)
My mom’s eyes have latched onto Eleonor .
“Nn?” (Arnos)
Eleonor looked around restlessly before realising my mom’s eyes were on her .
“Wa? Do you mean me?” (Eleonor)
My mom nods with a smile .
This is bad . I’ve lost the initiative .
“Mom I haven’t told you my story ye—” (Arnos)
“What did Eleonor-chan say to Arnos-chan to bring you here?” (Isabella)
My mom is suspicious .
“Well, various things . ” (Eleonor)
“Various things… . . !?” (Isabella)
My mom’s delusions take off .
“What like? For example?” (Isabella)
“I was told ‘You’re my magic’ . ” (Eleonor)
“Noooooooooooooooooo!! Arnos-chan’s pickup lines have been refined!!” (Isabella)
While my mom is screaming my dad is trembling while looking at me .
“Y…yo…you you…… When did you become such an advanced level… . !” (Gusta)
My mom leans over the table and talks to Eleonor .
“Other than that what else did you talk about!?” (Isabella)
“Let’s see . Briefly put I was told we could all be happy together . I knew Arnos-kun was being serious so I decided to follow him . ” (Eleonor)
My dad opens his mouth gapingly and looks at my mom fearfully .
“Everyone together… . . ?” (Isabella)
My mom’s eyes have become hollow .
“… . . An illegitimate child… . !?” (Isabella)
Here it comes . My mom’s principle destroying sword .
“How many children are there!?”
“Eh? Children? Zeshia? Roughly around ten thousand at the moment . ” (Eleonor)
“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!?” (Isabella)
“Ten thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!!!” (Gusta)
My parents went off in different directions .
“But, but 10,000 is strange right? They aren’t by Arnos-chan right?” (Isabella)
“Aaaaaaah! 10,000 . Even if it takes 10 times to conceive that’s 100,000 times… . !? Such experience……” (Gusta)
My dad clenches his fist and grinds his teeth .
“I’m not jealous……” (Gusta)
Fumu . Did they notice it? It’s not even possible to conceive that many children so it can only be by magic .
“I was going to talk about it later but I’m not going to make any excuses . It’s my responsibility . I’ll take care of everyone . ” (Arnos)
“…… . Acknowledge……it…… . !?” (Isabella)
My dad starts muttering .
“You… . you’re a man Arnos… . . ” (Gusta)
“I will make up for the mistakes I’ve made . ” (Arnos)
“…… . Mistakes……Arnos-chan…… mistakes…… . It’s not even been 3 months… . ” (Isabella)
My mom’s head sways and she staggers .
“… . What do you want Arnos-chan to do Eleonor-chan? You want Arnos-chan to take responsibility and get married right?” (Isabella)
“Eh? Responsibility? *giggle* I don’t need that . I think you’ve both misunderstood . Were not in that kind of relationship . It’s just that Arnos-kun was kind to me . ” (Eleonor)
“… . . Con… . . Concubine… . !?” (Isabella)
While leaking out a small voice my mom faints for the third time .
“Oi, oii… . . !!” (Gusta)
My dad quickly supports my mom who was about to fall out of her chair .
“Oh dear, this is troubling . Well, she’s been under a lot of strain due to that war . I’ll put her to bed for today” (Gusta)
My dad picks up my mom and leaves the room .
“I’ll help you . ” (Arnos)
I chase after my dad but he says .
“No it’s fine . You’ve worked hard too . Take a rest . ” (Gusta)
“I see . ” (Arnos)
As I was about to head back my dad had an expression that said he wanted to say something .
“What is it dad?” (Arnos)
“Aah, no…… Well . You don’t seem bothered that you were dragged into that war and you’ve said some strange things today . More so than normal . Don’t worry . Your mom will be back to normal tomorrow . ” (Gusta)
“I see . ” (Arnos)
It feels like my mom was being her usual self though .
However .
“In other words, you do understand it dad?” (Arnos)
“That you’re the demon king of tyranny and that you stopped the war?” (Gusta)
I nod .
“Arnos . ” (Gusta)
My dad has an unprecedented serious look on his face .
“I didn’t tell you . Dad has been silent all this time . ” (Gusta)
“Tell me what?”
My dad has a painful expression on his face . The eyes looking at me are somehow different from my usual dad .
“…I was a soldier 2000 years ago… . . ” (Gusta)
My dad is a reincarnated person .
Even facing him this close though I can’t feel any magic power . Is he using concealment magic that stops even my eyes from peering into his abyss?
With that type of skill, it would be a name I was familiar with .
I mean Ray ended up being Kanon so it’s certainly possible .
“What was your name 2000 years ago?” (Arnos)
My dad’s face took on a shadowy expression .
“Annihilation sword king Gaderahipto . ” (Gusta)
Don’t know it .
“Do you know what you’re going through is called in Azeshion?” (Gusta)
My dad looks at me proudly and says .
“Chuunibyou . ” (Gusta)
I guess my parent’s principle destroying sword came right here at the end .