Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 109

Chapter 109
In the end, neither of my parents learnt the truth, however, as my dad said they were worried about me being involved in the war so its probably to be expected .
I’ll let a bit of time pass and they should be able to listen calmly the next time . As long as my mom learns the truth since my dad’s easy to persuade .
No need to rush it . Let’s wait for the right time .
“What are you going to do?” (Sasha)
“First off I’m going to eat the mushroom gratin before it gets cold . ” (Arnos)
“You know…………” (Sasha)
Sasha looks at me in amazement while Misha serves out the mushroom gratin .
“Is this enough?” (Misha)
“Excellent . ” (Arnos)
I receive a plate from Misha and start eating my mushroom gratin .
“Fumu . Nothing beats this after stopping a war . ” (Arnos)
Misha looks down and seems lost in thought .
“Don’t restrict it like that . I don’t want you talking like that event will be an everyday thing . ” (Sasha)
Misha nods at Sasha’s words .
“Hmm? That reminds me, do you have any alcohol?” (Eleonor)
Eleonor looks around the table at us .
“At times like this, you have a victory drink right?” (Eleonor)
“Unfortunately, neither of my parents seem to drink so there’s none in the house . ” (Arnos)
“Wah? How healthy . Well then . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor draws a magic formation and pulls 3 bottles out of it .
“Ta-da! A speciality of Gairadeite called Holy Dimira . It’s delicious” (Eleonor)
“Hoh? How thoughtful . ” (Sasha)
Sasha’s eyes sparkle with greed .
“Then I’ll pour a lot for you Sasha-chan . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor fills up Sasha’s glass with the Holy Dimira .
“Who’s next?” (Eleonor)
Eleonor filled everyone’s glass .
“Shall we have a toast?” (Eleonor)
Everyone picks up their glass .
“Lead the toast?” Misha mutters .
“It can only be you . ” Ray tells me .
“I see . ” (Arnos)
I raise my glass .
“Thanks to the hard work of everyone here the war between Deiruheido and Azeshion was avoided . There’s still some troublesome issues left, but for now, let’s forget about all that and get drunk . Its a victory for our demon king forces . ” (Arnos)
Everyone smiles while watching me .
“Kanpai . ” (Arnos)
“Kanpai!!!” (Everyone)
I down my glass in one .
It’s really delicious . That taste after defending the peace is really special .
“Are you okay drinking all that in one go Arnos-kun? Holy Dimira is really strong . ” (Eleonor)
“What? For me this is no different to water . ” (Arnos)
“Wow that’s amazing . Want another glass?” (Eleonor)
Eleonor shows me the bottle .
“Of course . ” (Arnos)
Eleonor fills my glass .
“Hey Arnos, don’t get too carried away and end up drunk . ” Sasha says to me with a red face while trying to pick a fight .
Her tongue doesn’t seem to be moving quite how she wants it to .
“Aren’t you the one who’s drunk?” (Arnos)
“Unfortunately for you I’m the witch of ruin . I won’t lose to alcohol . ” (Sasha)
While talking to me Sasha moves closer to Eleonor .
“Do you have any other alcohol?” (Sasha)
“I’ve got wine . ” (Eleonor)
“Wine?” (Sasha)
Eleonor drew the formation again and took out a bottle of wine .
Why’s she carrying so much alcohol around with her?
“This is great Arnos! I’ll show you how far I can go and not get drunk!” (Sasha)
While loudly declaring that to me she lifts the bottle of wine and bottle of holy Dimira up in both hands .
“This is a secret art of the Necrons . Fusion magic Holy Wine !” (Sasha)
Sasha pours the wine and Holy Dimira into a glass .
Isn’t she totally drunk? No matter how strong the Holy Dimira is, getting this drunk after one glass is shocking .
After using her newly made Sasha raises the glass to her mouth .
“Stop that . ” (Arnos)
I take the glass away from Sasha .
“Haaa why? Are you saying I’ll get drunk?” (Sasha)
“Get? No matter how you look at it you are drunk . ” (Arnos)
“I’m not drunk! Honestly . I even showed you fusion magic . ” (Sasha)
You wouldn’t normally speak like this .
“I’m not drunk!” (Sasha)
“Okay, okay . It’s really tasty so can I have some?” (Arnos)
“Nn? Is it? If you want it Arnos I’ll give it to you . ” (Sasha)
While thinking about what to do with this problem I drank the .
“………… . . ”
Terrible . I’ve never tasted any alcohol this bad, not even 2000 years ago .
These two things must never be mixed .
“I’ll show you the Necron secret arts again!” (Sasha)
Sasha starts pouring the Dimira and wine into a glass again .
“What are you doing Sasha?” (Arnos)
“I’m going to get you drunk Arnos . ” (Sasha)
Sasha finishes her and brings the glass to her lips .
“Your words and actions don’t match . ” (Arnos)
I take the glass away from her again .
“Uuu…… Arnos won’t let me drink……” (Sasha)
Sasha starts to sulk .
“You’re a troublesome fellow . ” (Arnos)
A glass of water is held out to me by Misha .
“Here . Drink this liquor . It’s good . ” (Arnos)
I handed the water to Sasha who took it in both hands and stared at it .
“This liquor looks like water . ” (Sasha)
Because it is .
“It’s delicious . ” (Arnos)
“Really?” (Sasha)
Sasha drinks about half and cocks her head .
“…… . It is water after all…… . ” (Sasha)
“Drink it more slowly and taste it . It’s very good liquor . If you can’t tell by the taste then you must be drunk . ” (Arnos)
Sasha drinks the water slowly and tastes it before nodding as if understanding something .
“Yeah, its really good liquor . What’s it called?” (Sasha)
Water .
“Demon king sake . It’s a liquor that not everyone can taste . ” (Arnos)
“I like it . ” (Sasha)
Sasha takes her time drinking it like its high-class liquor .
“Sasha is a bad drunk . ” Misha whispers to me .
“So it seems . ” (Arnos)
Misha holds her glass with both hands and keeps drinking from it .
“You okay Misha?” (Arnos)
“Using Detoxification . ” (Misha)
I see . Because alcohol can be classed as a poison it’s removed by the spell .
“Hey, that’s a no-no Misha-chan . Using detoxification magic when drinking is no fun . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor raises her finger and reproves her .
Misha blinked as if embarrassed .
“Alcohol makes me go all light and fluffy . ” (Misha)
“That’s fine . Light and fluffy is cute . ” (Eleonor)
Misha looks at me .
“Really?” (Misha)
“First time I’ve heard that . ” (Arnos)
“Hey Arnos-kun . You should have said it was cute . ” (Eleonor)
“I’d be in trouble if I was drunk and an emergency happened . You don’t need to force someone weak with alcohol to get drunk . I don’t know what it means to become cute with alcohol but if they are already cute they don’t need the power of alcohol . ” (Arnos)
“Wow how boring . Such a rejection from the demon king . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor laughs . She doesn’t seem any different but I’m sure she’s drunk .
“Hey Misha-chan . Because its peaceful you can get drunk . Because Arnos-kun isn’t used to peace we need to teach him . ” (Eleonor)
Misha looks at me for a moment then at Eleonor .
“… . Try to get drunk… . . ” (Misha)
Misha began taking big gulps of the Holy Dimira and her face gradually turns red .
“Arnos . ” (Misha)
“You okay?” (Arnos)
Misha nods .
“Have you become peaceful?” (Misha)
“What?” (Arnos)
Misha points at herself .
“I?” (Misha)
Ahh, you’re totally drunk .
“Feel foggy . ” (Misha)
“Try to keep it in moderation . ” (Arnos)
“…… . . Nn… . . ” (Misha)
Following my words, Misha starts taking just little sips at a time .
“What are you drinking Misha? Is it delicious?” (Sasha)
Sasha unsteadily totters over .
“Tasty . ” (Misha)
“That liquor . Can I have some too?” (Sasha)
Misha looks at me .
“Let Sasha have some more demon king sake . ” (Arnos)
“Nn . ” (Misha)
Misha fetched Sasha some more water .
“Here Sasha . ” (Misha)
“Oh there was still some demon king sake left . Thank you . ” (Sasha)
Sasha drinks the water with great relish .
On the opposite side of the table, Ray finished off a bottle of Holy Dimira .
“You don’t seem to be drinking . Don’t you like alcohol?” (Ray)
Ray addresses Misa who still has a full glass of Dimira .
“Ahaha . I’m not sure . I accidentally drank some as a child and even now those memories make me feel sick so ever since then I tried not to drink……” (Misa)
“Yeah might be better to not overdo it . ” (Ray)
Ray empties his glass .
“Shall I pour you some more?” (Misa)
Misa takes the bottle of Holy Dimira and refills Rays glass .
“Do you like drinking Ray-san?” (Misa)
“Not really but I kind of miss it . A long time ago there were days when I couldn’t sleep so I drank . ” (Ray)
Misa’s face darkens . She pursed her lips as if she wanted to say something and looked down .
Ray closed his mouth . Did he understand what Misa was thinking?
After a few seconds of silence, he speaks .
“Misa-san . ” (Ray)
At that moment Misa drank the glass of Dimira in one go .
Ray looked taken aback .
“… . . Errm, are you okay drinking that much in one go… . ?” (Ray)
Misa stood up vigorously as Ray looked at her anxiously .
Her face was pale .
“… . . I’m sorry but……I really shouldn’t drink after all… . . ” (Misa)
Misa held her hand over her mouth and ran outside .