Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 114

Chapter 114
I swing Venuzdonoa downwards cleaning the blood off it .
“… . Haa……haa… . . my breathing… . ”
“Are we saved……?”
“… . . Looks like it… . . ”
“Did that guy save us… . . ?”
The students who could all breathe again looked at me .
There’s some complicated looks coming my way .
Whatever . I don’t need to concern myself with them right now .
If the heavenly father is destroyed then the world’s order will be disrupted and eventually the world will be destroyed .
“Origin Regeneration . ” (Arnos)
I regenerate Nousgalia’s origin .
When used against an enemy it doesn’t matter that it’s not the second time since it originates from my attack .
The body of Eldomade that had disappeared reappears and he regains consciousness .
“See? You can’t destroy me . ” Nousgalia laughs proudly .
“You fool who spits on the heavens . Receive you punishment for betraying the order . Look upon the figure of God . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia speaks the words of God that cause miracles .
His body is wrapped in a dazzling light, however, he soon cocks an eyebrow and a puzzled expression appears on his face .
All of a sudden the light settled down .
“What’s wrong Nousgalia? According to your words you were going to show me the figure of God . ” (Arnos)
I let go of Venuzdonoa to show my victory and cancel the three-dimensional magic formation .
“Or could it be perhaps you’ve noticed that the origin of God is only at 10%?” (Arnos)
“Don’t speak so rudely . Gods dignity is absolute . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia speaks but the power in his words is weaker than before .
“It was a mistake to parasitize Eldomade’s body and origin . While you’re in it you can survive with only 10% of your origin . The worlds order won’t collapse either even with the heavenly father only having 10% of his origin . You are a god, an immortal . It will be easy for you to regenerate your origin but not while Venuzdonoa is around . ” (Arnos)
I made it so any magic used to restore his origin would only restore 10% so even when I used myself he only came back at 10% .
“Don’t worry . The world would be destroyed if you couldn’t carry out your order so I made so you can just about restore order and do your duty . ” (Arnos)
Nousgalia glares at me . There was pure hatred in his eyes for me who destroys order .
“… . When did you learn to completely control the power of the god of destruction… . ?” (Nousgalia)
“2000 years ago I could only destroy with it but now in these peaceful times I was able to overcome that weakness . ” (Arnos)
I laugh before continuing .
“How does it feel to have a worthless mazoku go easy on you heavenly father?” (Arnos)
The mazoku in this era are weak so I’ve been having to constantly keep control of my magic at all times but this has had the benefit of improving my precision and control .
Instead of destroying the god and his order, I can do this which protects the world while taking the power of a god away .
Gods are order and because of that, they can only act in accordance with the rules of their order .
“With that half-god, half-mazoku body try behaving yourself a bit while in my presence and this class . ” (Arnos)
I turn my back on Nousgalia and head back to my seat .
“You are a foolish one demon king of tyranny . Did you think you’d taken the power of God away from me with this? The order of your destruction will be born soon . Your end was determined long ago by the gods . ” (Nousgalia)
“Oh? So was it also decreed by the gods that the god of destruction would fall into my hands and that you’d become a fragment of your old self?” (Arnos)
Nousgalia is lost for words for a moment .
“Remember Nousgalia . This is what we call being a sore loser in this world . ” (Arnos)
I sit down after speaking over my shoulder to Nousgalia .
“I know that god . ” Ray says leaning forward in his seat .
“I think I know what you’re about to say but go on . ” (Arnos)
“He talked to Jerga-sensei about making origin magic . ” (Ray)
I see . Apparently, he wants me dead at all costs .
I’ve sealed his power for the time being but my troubles haven’t gotten any less .
Unfortunately, the world would be destroyed if I killed him .
I’ll have to keep my eyes on him for a while .
“Let’s continue with the class . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia carries on like nothing happened .
Whether he was plotting something or simply following the order imposed on him he continued the class in a normal manner .
*After school*
“I never thought a god would come to this academy . ” (Eleonor)
Everyone’s gathered at my desk .
“Why’s that guy teaching normally after having his ass smacked by Arnos? I don’t get it . ” (Sasha)
Its a fair question by Sasha .
“Aah? Don’t you know Sasha-chan? That’s how the gods are . ” (Eleonor)
Since she’s an old magic Eleonor is familiar with the gods .
When she was born the gods still appeared regularly . She herself was born with the help of a god .
“You mean they’re all stupid?” (Sasha)
“It means their sense of values are very different to ours . The gods are order and as such, they act accordingly . ” (Eleonor)
“So he taught because of his order?” (Misha)
“I think so yes . ” (Eleonor)
“But how will teaching in the demon king academy maintain order?” Misa asks puzzled .
“The gods keep their promises even with humans and mazoku . ” (Ray)
“I don’t know what the reason is but it seems to be part of his order . ” (Eleonor)
“In exchange for that body, he may have promised to teach in the demon king academy and appear in front of me . ” (Arnos)
If that is what happened then its good . It means I can tie him up here for a while .
Of course, that may be what he wants, keeping my eyes focused here on him .
“He said there was a new child of god here in Deruzogedo . ” Sasha tilted her head to one side while remembering .
“What does that mean though? If there was such a dangerous student here then wouldn’t Arnos have noticed ages ago?” (Sasha)
“Didn’t he say they were going to be born soon?” (Misa)
“It means the vessel for that child of god is already here for when it awakens . ” (Arnos)
It’s puzzling that they waited for the fight with Azeshion to be over though .
Wouldn’t it have been better for the gods to have taken advantage of that turmoil? Why didn’t they?
“He could also be teaching here in this academy to wake up the child of god . ” (Arnos)
The heavenly father maintains the order that governs a gods birth so it would make sense that’s why he’s here .
“Lie? Are they really here in this academy?” (Misha)
“Fumu . I suppose it could be a lie . He could be making me concentrate here in this academy while he wakes up the child of god elsewhere . ” (Arnos)
“In either case, you should look for it and do something before it awakens . ” (Eleonor)
“Yeah . Because Nousgalia’s order is the birth of gods he won’t attack you directly, or more like he can’t attack you . ” (Ray)
If you obstruct them in performing their duties that’s not the case . If you disturb their order they will bury you without mercy .
“It’s a different story though if its a god whose sole purpose is to destroy Arnos . All the gods are powerful but that gods power must be something else . ” (Ray)
“… . If its a god whose sole purpose is to destroy Arnos then they will be born with the power to do it… . . If they aren’t then they are outside their order… . . ” (Eleonor)
Everyone falls silent at Eleonor’s words .
“Stop getting worried over the exaggerated words of that god . There’s no one in this world who kills but can’t be killed and who destroys but cant be destroyed . ” (Arnos)
The reason they who are the order of this world are going out of their way to come after me is because I’m out of their control . They won’t just go after random powerful mazoku for no reason .
“The gods cannot leave me alone . They are going to destroy me by giving birth to a new god because they know I will destroy the order they have created . ” (Arnos)
That means there’s only one thing to do . I need to find this child of god and put them in their place .
“He went out of his way to pick a fight with me when all he had to do was keep quiet and stay out of sight . I’ll make sure he regrets that to the fullest . ” (Arnos)