Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 111

Chapter 111
A while later——–
The postwar clean-up between Azeshion and Deiruheido was completed so the demon king academy that had been closed was now reopened .
Upon entering the second classroom I was wrapped up in a strangely nostalgic atmosphere .
As I take my seat Sasha who’s next to me speaks up .
“Morning . ” (Sasha)
I look at her face .
“Wha… . what… . ? What are you looking at?” (Sasha)
Sasha covers her face with both arms to hide from my view .
“You’ve got new hair ribbons . ” (Arnos)
The ribbons she ties her twin tails with are different to the usual ones .
“……Well noticed……”
“My demon eyes aren’t that cloudy where they won’t notice the equipment of my subordinates . ” (Arnos)
Sasha’s eyes look a little disappointed .
“Can you not call it equipment?” (Sasha)
Sasha turns away in a huff, however, from the back she seems to be in a good mood .
“Sasha is shy because Arnos noticed . ” Misha says from the seat to my other side .
“The hair ribbons?” (Arnos)
Misha nods .
“I see . If that made you happy Sasha then why not say?” (Arnos)
“What are you saying? And don’t go saying weird things either Misha . ” (Sasha)
Misha blinks a couple of times and looks at me .
“I got scolded . ” (Misha)
“Don’t worry about it . She’s always noisy over something . ” (Arnos)
Sasha glares at me with an offended expression .
“Hey Arnos . What’s that supposed to mean? You saying I flare up needlessly?” (Sasha)
“If you don’t then why not try being honest Sasha? You won’t get what you want if you don’t . ” (Arnos)
Sasha falls silent for a moment .
“… . . What do you mean when you say what I want… . . ?” (Sasha)
“Did you think I hadn’t noticed?” (Arnos)
“… . Eh…… . . ah…… . . ” (Sasha)
“Don’t you want it?” (Arnos)
Sasha blushes, turns her eyes away and looks down .
“………… . . I want it…… . . ” (Sasha)
I pointed to her hair ribbon .
“The material is silk and not just any silk . Its the Konginu silk (dark silk) expelled by the twilight gecko that only spits out the thread while it’s twilight . They are a remnant from 2000 years ago . It was probably produced in the western Arileo region that has its origins in silk clothing . The silk is strong and it’s easy to apply reinforcement magic to . Due to that, it was useful during the war but since there has been a long period of peace the techniques were probably converted to ornamental and accessory use . Is dying things using magic a product of this era? It’s a dark colour when viewed with demon eyes but its not bad . I’d rate it somewhere in the lower middle overall . ” (Arnos)
Sasha had been looking at me with a straight, serious face since halfway through .
It’s a different reaction to what I was expecting .
I turn to Misha .
“What’s wrong?” (Arnos)
“… . It’s not good to notice too much… . . ” (Misha)
Fumu . Is that so?
“I thought you’d be happy . ” (Arnos)
*Fufu* laughter leaks from my neighbour .
“I’m not happy with it . Study peace more demon king-sama . ” (Sasha)
Sasha pokes fun at me .
It’s strange . Overall she still seems happy .
“Morning . ” (Ray)
“Good morning!” (Misa)
Ray and Misa enter and take their seats .
“I see you two are brazenly coming to school together . ” Sasha says in a low voice .
“Eh? Ah, no you’re wrong . We just met by chance . ” (Misa)
Misa quickly makes an excuse .
“Hmph . By chance huh . ” (Sasha)
“That reminds me Arnos-sama . What happened to Eleonor-san and Zeshia-san since then?” (Misa)
Misa forcibly changes the topic .
“Aah . Well, I thought about it in various ways an—” (Arnos)
Just then the bell signalling the start of lessons rang out .
The door opens and Menou enters followed by 2 girls .
“There’s your answer . ” (Arnos)
Misa looks over and there is Eleonor and Zeshia wearing the hero academy uniform .
Apparently, Zeshia is 10 years old and this is the Zeshia that asked me to help [Mama] .
Apart from this Zeshia, the rest would find it difficult to adapt to academy life so they are being looked after in a different way .
“Yes yes everyone take your seats . I’m going to introduce two academy exchange students but I’m sure everyone already knows who they are . ” (Menou)
Eleonor smiles .
“I’m Eleonor Bianca from the hero academy . ” (Eleonor)
Even though Eleonor had introduced herself Zeshia was looking around restlessly as if she didn’t understand where she was .
“This child is Zeshia Bianca . She doesn’t speak much but she understands perfectly fine . C’mon Zeshia, say hello . ” (Eleonor)
After being told by Eleonor Zeshia faces the students .
“… . I’m…………Zeshia Bianca……” (Zeshia)
She bows her head .
The students start being noisy at the sight of these two people .
“Hero academy?…… Are we still doing an exchange… . ?”
“Aah… . Didn’t Azeshion start the war?”
“Thanks to the demon king of tyranny the war was soon over but is now the time for an exchange?”
Menou sternly responded to the students talking like that .
“I understand everyone’s anxiety . Deiruheido and Azeshion just went to war after all, however, that was the plot of Diego Ijeishka the former headteacher of the hero academy . Not all humans had hostility towards the mazoku though . ” (Menou)
This has already been communicated to the people of Deiruheido .
Since the war never reached any cities hardly anyone had the feeling that there had even been a war at all so many people happily accepted it .
It’s a bit different with the students here though since they had been imprisoned in the hero academy dormitories until the war had ended . Due to that some of them might find it hard to accept .
“Azeshion offered this exchange in a show of friendship towards Deiruheido again and that is why Deruzogedo decided to accept Eleonor-san and Zeshia-san . ” (Menou)
Some of the students still show dissatisfaction with Menou’s explanation .
“… . . Even if you say that, trust doesn’t come that easily……”
“They just made that Deigo guy look bad because they lost the war . It doesn’t alter the fact the whole hero academy tried to start a war . ”
“How do we know its just the academy? It could be the whole of Azeshion . ”
“Yeah, I mean who said I would like to continue the academy exchange?”
“Aah, they insulted the demon king of tyranny . I don’t think we can easily interact with each other . ”
“As a member of the royals how can I accept someone who insults the founder?”
It seems many of the royals are complaining, though rather than the whole of Azeshion it seems its the hero academy they mainly have issues with .
“Yes yes, I understand everyone’s dissatisfaction an—” (Menou)
“Hahaha . ”
Laughter echoes in the classroom .
A tall man was standing in the doorway of the classroom looking in .
He was a delicate-looking man with purple hair and eyes wearing a teachers robe though the robes were white which was unusual since it meant he wasn’t a royal .
This man is even older than the seven elder demon emperors .
His face is known to me though I didn’t hear anything about him coming .
“You guys are funny . ”
The man walks to the podium .
“Aah, you can both sit down now . ”
At his words, Eleonor and Zeshia come over to me and take the two free seats behind me .
“Thanks for your help Arnos-kun . ” (Eleonor)
“You’ve already thanked me once . ” (Arnos)
“*Giggle* I can say it as much as I want . My best regards going forward . ” (Eleonor)
“Aah . ” (Arnos)
While answering Eleonor I was watching the man on the podium .
“What’s wrong?” Eleonor asks me with a curious voice .
“Nothing . It’s no big deal . ” (Arnos)
Menou goes to the blackboard and starts writing .
“As it stands the academy exchange is going forward . I know you’re dissatisfied but they had nothing to do with it . If you actually spend the time and talk to them I think you’ll find that Eleonor-san isn’t someone who makes trouble . ” (Menou)
Menou finishes writing on the board .
—Eldomade Ditijon—
“Well then, one more introduction for you all . I said before you’d be getting a new teacher and they’ve finally come . ” (Menou)
The man steps forward .
“I’m Eldomade and I’ll be granting knowledge to those of you who are ignorant about 2000 years ago . ” (Eldomade)
The students frown at his arrogant words .
“An incompetent teacher who’s not a royal…… . ”
One of the students quietly mutters this and Menou quickly speaks up .
“Eldomade sensei is an excellent person and there’s a reason he’s not a member of the royalty . Sensei is a mazoku born even before the seven elder demon emperors . He both competed against and cooperated with the demon king of tyranny during the great war 2000 years ago . This person fought for the mazoku . I think you’ll find the knowledge and magic of sensei to be very useful . ” (Menou)
The student’s reaction is dull to the words of Menou .
“Let’s start with the shallowness of you guys . ” Eldomade says while looking down on the students .
“First of all, it was the demon king of tyranny that decided on this academy exchange . ” (Eldomade)
The students become noisy .
“And another thing . His name is not Avos Dillheavia . It’s partly the fault of Deiruheido but that name and legend has been passed on by mistake . ” (Eldomade)
The students get even noisier .
“Finally, the reincarnated demon king is here in this classroom . ” (Eldomade)
“What are you talking about… . ?”
“… . . I don’t think he is……”
Eldomade turned his gaze to me while the students complained .
“Yo, it’s been a while . Your reincarnation seems to have gone well demon king Arnos Voldigod . ”