Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 113

Chapter 113
I look at Nousgalia with my demon eyes but there’s no suspicious movement with his magic power .
At the moment at least it doesn’t seem like he’s preparing to do anything .
“Has the gods world changed as well these last 2000 years?” (Arnos)
“The world of the gods is always in order . Both now and 2000 years ago . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia didn’t get worked up over my words and responded normally .
I don’t feel any hostility from him but I can’t let my guard down . He wouldn’t have taken over Eldomade’s body and become a homeroom teacher here for no reason .
“Don’t do anything stupid . ” (Arnos)
I warn him and head back to my seat . I never take my eyes off him since I still don’t know why he’s here .
“Now then, let’s begin the class . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia spreads his arms in an exaggerated manner .
“There is order in this world . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia’s solemn voice spreads throughout the room
“The world is the world but it is also one of reason . Why is a bird a bird? Why is a mazoku a mazoku? The blessed rain descends from heaven enriches the ground and plant life comes forth . If I draw a magic formation and add my magic to it light springs forth . These are called natural law and magic law and it is these laws that bring order to the world . ” (Nousgalia)
His clear and confident voice fills the room .
“And the existences that maintain and embody that order are the higher existences known as the gods . ” (Nousgalia)
All the students are listening to him with a dumbfounded look on their faces .
“In the great war 2000 years ago the demon king of tyranny fought against the gods . Arnos Voldigod wanted to overturn the divine order . He desired the god’s miracles . The world started to go wild . Mazoku died, humans died and spirits disappeared . To halt the destruction of the world the power that was used to change the very order of the world itself was needed . The demon king searched for that miracle and took it . ” (Nousgalia)
Fumu . What a nostalgic story .
“That miracle is this very demon king castle Deruzogedo . In the age of myths, in the country of the gods in the far off heavens was the god of destruction Aberniyu which lighted up the world with the order of destruction . The demon king made them fall to the ground and overwrote the name of god and so was one of the world orders lost . ” (Nousgalia)
In the age of myths, the god of destruction Aberniyu was the main cause of all death and destruction . That is why I defeated them first .
“All things without exception must eventually lead to destruction, however, because the demon king stole that order the destruction of the world has been limited . Those that should have died did not die, those that should have brought about ruin did not and thus was the natural law disturbed . Other gods stepped in to compensate for it but the order was not completely restored . The result is what we have now 2000 years later . ” (Nousgalia)
Resurrection and Origin Regeneration became magics with a high probability of success due to the god of destruction Aberniyu becoming Deruzogedo .
Because I didn’t want the great interference power of Aberniyu to affect the world I changed it with my magic and named it the principle destroying sword .
Taking away the order of destruction made it harder for humans and mazoku to die .
The orderly balance between life and death was tilted slightly towards life, giving more hope to the world .
“The mazoku have multiplied more than the order dictated and the humans have grown even more than that . Without destruction, there can be no new life . In order to protect his own people, the demon king took away the possibility of any new races being born . That is the reason Arnos Voldigod was called the demon king of tyranny even by the gods . ” (Nousgalia)
That is why all the gods know my name though the ones who’s order I directly affect take more notice of me .
“At this rate the order of the world will carry on being disturbed . As we speak new life continued to be destroyed before it is even born . Because of this, the gods decided to create a new order to destroy the demon king of tyranny . ” (Nousgalia)
Didn’t you say something about this 2000 years ago?
If they wanted to they could have destroyed all my decedents but the loss of Aberniyu meant they could no longer do this .
Gods are order . They have tremendous power but on the other hand, they cannot deviate from their own order .
I knew this when I reincarnated of course .
“……How to put this? Sensei, aren’t you crazy?”
One of the royals spoke up .
“Aah . Going on about gods all of a sudden . ”
“There’s the mention of gods in some of the history books dating back to the age of myths but they are nothing more than fairy tales . ”
“Yeah, they are stories made up to praise the demon king of tyranny . It’s a story every child is taught . ”
Fumu . I see .
Certainly, in this day and age, the gods hardly ever appear . Misha and Sasha were certainly surprised when they met the god of time .
It’s no surprise the students are acting this way though back in the age of myths the gods appeared a lot . They kept coming out of the woodwork and popping up .
“If there’s gods then you’re going to have to bring one out first . ”
“Aah though that’s impossible hahaha!”
The royals are all laughing loudly . Is this to help them clear their pent-up anger at having to recognise me as the demon king?
“I am granting knowledge to those of you who are ignorant . ” (Nousgalia)
The miracle of a god dwells in Nousgalias words .
“I am Nousgalia the heavenly father . The order that gives birth to the gods . The father of the gods . ” (Nousgalia)
The royal students stare at Nousgalia in astonishment as if they suddenly realised something .
“… . . A god…… . . There’s really one here . ”
“… . I can’t believe it… . why here in this academy… . ?”
“… . Dunno…… Arnos is the demon king of tyranny and sensei is a god . What’s even happening… . . ?”
“Isn’t Eldomade sensei a mazoku from 2000 years ago? What’s this sky father Nousgalia thing all about?”
Fumu . This is a bit pitiable .
If you don’t know anything its hard to follow the situation .
“Aah you mazoku over there . Don’t be so hostile . You won’t get away with disobeying god just because you think you can . ” (Nousgalia)
At that moment .
“… . . Uuu… . . gaaaa…… . . !!”
The royal students grabbed their throats all at once .
“… . Can’t…… . breathe……”
“Ah… . uu… . ah… . . a……”
“… . He… . lp…… . . ”
Nousgalia glanced at the students that had fallen down with disinterest .
“Let me grant you the wisdom of god . Demon king of tyranny Arnos Voldigod . The new child of god is a new order . The order of your destruction wh—” (Nousgalia)
“I’m in this academy . ” (Ray)
While still sitting down Ray summons Sigshesta and grasps its hilt .
Sasha and Misha turned their demon eyes on Nousgalia as well .
I raise a hand to stop them and stand up slowly .
“That was foolishly honest of you to come all this way to tell me that . ” (Arnos)
I stand in front of Nousgalia and shield the students from him .
“But it certainly wasn’t from the kindness of your heart . What are you plotting?” (Arnos)
“In order to regain complete order in this world, my child is born . ” (Nousgalia)
That which doesn’t change . The existences known as the gods . Even after 2000 years, I can still understand them .
“Overlook those guys . There’s no benefit in killing them . ” (Arnos)
“The order does not change by words . It is the law of nature they die . It is called the wrath of heaven . ” (Nousgalia)
I hold my hand up and magic characters form in the classroom spilling forth countless magic particles .
A sword of shadow appears at my feet and floats in the air .
“Would you like to try it?” (Arnos)
I pull out Venuzdonoa and a dark coloured longsword appears in my hand .
“Let me grant wisdom to you who are uncivilised . I am the father of the gods . The father of this worlds order . If I perish, even temporarily, there will be no order to sustain this world . If you destroy me then you destroy this world . ” (Nousgalia)
The gods are not eternal either . They disappear according to the order and new ones are created and the one who produces them is the heavenly father Nousgalia .
“You who controls the power of the god of destruction certainly has that power but you who also loves this world cannot destroy the world either . ” (Nousgalia)
“Fumu . Indeed . ” (Arnos)
I walk forward letting Venuzdonoa loosely dangle from my hand before quickly stabbing Nousgalia with it .
The guy being pierced by Venuzdonoa stares at me in amazement .
“… . . Haha… . . What thoughtless behaviour . That’s enough threatening me . Any more and you really will endanger the world . ” (Nousgalia)
“That’s true . ” (Arnos)
I increase my strength and push Venuzdonoa in even deeper .
“Guu… . ha… . . ”
Blood overflows from the god’s lips .
“……Stop demon king of tyranny . God’s command is absolute… . . ” (Nousgalia)
“I take orders from nobody . Not even the gods . ” (Arnos)
I put magic power into the sword and pierce his origin .
“… . . What a thoughtless… . man . Are you going… . to destroy… . the world… . ?” (Nousgalia)
“The thoughtless one is you . ” (Arnos)
“… . Gu…fuuu… . !”
Venuzdonoa shines darkly and Nousgalia is further destroyed .
“You…can’t…to a god . Destroying me who is the heavenly father… . demon king of tyranny . The order set by god…… the world is destroyed because of you… . . ” (Nousgalia)
I pull Venuzdonoa out of Nousgalia and for a moment that fellows body is covered in darkness .
“Get lost in the darkness of destruction and disappear . ” (Arnos)
The darkness burst and he disappeared from the spot .
“Did you think I’d overlook you if you used the world as a shield?” (Arnos)