Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 116

Chapter 116
After following Nousgalia’s magic power I see that he’s still in Deruzogedo in the teacher’s offices and doesn’t appear to be doing anything suspicious either .
While monitoring the flow of magic in Deruzogedo I headed to the union tower .
On my way I see the girls from the fan union practising their singing outside .
They seem to have just finished and have gathered in a circle chatting .
“Does anyone have any ideas for a new song?”
“… . . Hmm……”
“… . It’s difficult……”
Unusually for them, they seem a bit depressed .
“It’s just another new song but didn’t Arnos-sama say it might be used in the ceremony for the demon kings second coming?”
The ceremony is intended to let the whole of Deiruheido know that the demon king of tyranny has reincarnated and to show them who it is .
The position of the demon king of tyranny is not needed now but I need the title to do one final task which is to break down the barriers between the royals and those with mixed blood .
Being formal about things is important . It’s necessary to stick to the formalities when telling people something important .
Even if the words remain the same when they are delivered formally people will accept the appearance of the demon king of tyranny easier .
I’ll introduce a few things in the ceremony including the discrimination about bloodlines . Whether they are royals or half-spirit mazoku or half-human mazoku if they want to live in Deiruheido they will have to honour that and they will also be protected by the law .
It won’t happen immediately but eventually, Deiruheido will return to its original form and it will be richer and peaceful in the true meaning of the word . I’ll do all I can to make it that way .
If I’m honest though, making that a reality will be far more troublesome than dealing with this god and his order . I can’t just destroy them like I can my enemies after all .
“A song for the ceremony… . . Can we create and sing such an excellent song… . . ?”
“What would we do if we shamed Arnos-sama……?”
“All of Deriuheido will hear us…… . . ”
“But we have to do our best . It’s a big day for Arnos-sama and we can’t hold him back……!”
“…… . I think a proper choir or a trained minstrel would be better than us… . ”
“… . It’s an important ceremony . If this succeeds then Deiruheido will improve and mixed bloods like us will no longer be separated from their families… . . ”
“Yeah… . ”
“More than anything else this is for Arnos-sama . It’s important we tell him that we can’t do what we can’t do . ”
Fumu . Looks like they are at an impasse .
“I have no intention of letting anyone else other than you guys sing at my ceremony . ” (Arnos)
The girls turn around and look at me in surprise .
“Ah, Arnos-sama . ”
“Eh…errrm… . . ”
They all start to kneel .
“It’s fine . ” (Arnos)
The girls stand there trying to keep a good posture .
“You seem to have run into difficulties . ” (Arnos)
“… . Yes . Singing at Arnos-sama’s ceremony is a heavy thing for us… . . ” (Elen)
Elen reveals her uneasiness to me .
“What do you mean?” (Arnos)
The fan union girls all look at each other then one speaks up .
“This ceremony means a new beginning for Deiruheido where those with mixed blood can join hands with the royals . It’s not old traditions or a strict formal song that’s needed for this . ”
“A new wind will be needed to destroy this congealed blood supremacy that currently infests Deiruheido . ” (Arnos)
My fan union stares at me with eager expressions .
“And only you can sing that song . Laugh at the trivial customs, practises and stereotypes that have infested this country with your song . ” (Arnos)
None of the fan union speak but they all nod .
“You don’t need to think about the people of Deriuheido . Dedicate that song to me . I want to hear it . At that peaceful ceremony I want to hear your version of that peace . ” (Arnos)
“Yes Arnos-sama!!”
“Don’t be afraid of the noise around you . You are the songstresses whom I have recognised . I want your melody to reach even the heavens and knock the gods down . ” (Arnos)
I smile at them and watch as their hesitation completely disappears .
They’re strong .
Their magic power is weak and they have the same problems as everyone else but that is the very reason their songs are so impactful .
“I’ll be on my way . ” (Arnos)
I walk away and the voices of those girls who have regained their spirit ring out .
“Oooooh! My enthusiasm has returned! Let’s start practising the fifth Arnos-sama support song!”
The pure and happy voices of those girls float upwards towards the blue sky as I open the door to the union tower .
There’s no one inside as I head up to the top floor where Melheys is waiting .
Fumu . This is strange . There’s two lots of magic power there .
One is Melheys but his magic power is considerably weaker than normal . I don’t recognise the other one but its very strong .
“Did you notice demon king Arnos?”
An unfamiliar voice calls out and as I enter the top floor I see a dark-skinned man with golden eyes standing there .
His hair is swept back and tied up and his face gives off a fearless look .
“Unfortunately you are a bit too late . ”
Melheys was in front of him but in an instant, his body was chopped up by countless blades of wind and disappeared .
“Fumu . Destruction Wind Beheading Extreme End . ” (Arnos)
I cut my fingertip and use a drop of blood on Melheys and cast , however, the man also cuts his fingertip and drips a drop of blood on Melheys like me and casts Anti-revival .
It’s a magic that does what it says and disrupts the revival . Even if there’s a magic power difference as long as there’s even a slight disturbance won’t work .
“Hou . ” (Arnos)
I cast Time Manipulation and stop Melheys death time at 1 second .
“Choose . Name yourself and die or remain silent and die . ” (Arnos)
In a dignified voice, the man speaks .
“I am a subordinate of the fire death king Eldomade . Fire death king army advisor Zeke Ozma . ”
I see .
“Do you know that fellow has had his body taken over by a god?” (Arnos)
“Of course . It was the will of my master . ” (Zeke)
Fumu . So that’s how it was .
“My lord had dared to surrender his body to God in order to defeat you . ” (Zeke)
“2000 years have passed and the fire death king is still as childish as ever I see . It must be hard having to babysit someone like that . Why don’t you serve me instead?” (Arnos)
Zeke looks at me with a serious look on his face .
“I would have accepted the offer from the demon king of tyranny had it come before the one from my lord . ” (Zeke)
He unsheathes the demon sword that hung from his waist .
“However, I cannot do something as shameless as serve two lords . I only have one lord until I die . ” (Zeke)
Zeke extends his sword and thrusts it into destroying it and restarting the time of Melheys .
Is it the same as Initeio that Ray had and disrupt magic formations?
When I look at it with my demon eyes the sword names itself .
Anti-demon sword Gabreido . It’s hiding a much stronger power than Initeio .
“So your purpose is to kill Melheys?” (Arnos)
I cast on Melheys again .
Though Gabreido is destroying the formation I’m quicker and I keep constantly casting without pause . Due to this Melheys still has his 3 seconds resurrection window .
“You sure about this? If you keep paying attention to Melheys you’ll die . ” (Arnos)
“That’s true, however, if you try to kill me demon king, in that moment, ever so slightly, you’ll become negligent with and in exchange for this life I can push the time of your subordinate forward by 0 . 1 seconds . ” (Zeke)
Fumu . He’s not bluffing .
He’s another mazoku from 2000 years ago and as such he excels in magic .
Unfortunately, at the moment we are perfectly balanced and if I attempt to take his life that balance will be removed .
“If I manage to pass 3 seconds then you will not be able to revive him . ” (Zeke)
“There’s not even a one in ten thousand chance of that 0 . 1 second happening . If we go at this 100 million times then I may fail once . ” (Arnos)
“But you will not compromise even that tiniest of chances . ” (Zeke)
Hou? He’s not an advisor for nothing .
Did he investigate me beforehand?
That one in 100 million chance might actually come with this fellow . In exchange for his own life, he’ll gamble on those odds to kill my subordinate .
He’s smart . He understands this method gives him the best chance of winning .
There’s no chance of arrogance here . This fellow won’t relax his guard in the slightest .
“This is interesting . What do you intend to do? If you continue playing this staring game in enemy territory you must know you’ll lose your advantage?” (Arnos)
“I can’t possibly win against you in power so therefore, I challenge you to a battle of wits . ” (Zeke)
Zeke casts and reflected in the screens were Ray and Misa, Eleonor and Zeshia and Misha and Sasha .