Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 117

Chapter 117
It was a large mansion, but it doesn’t look like its being used, or at the very least it’s not visited often as the tree’s and plants are all overgrown .
You can see that the iron fence is all rusted and parts of the outer wall are loose and some parts of the walls have fallen over . Even the glass in the windows is cracked .
Ray and Misa were walking through the dusty halls of the mansion with Gerard walking in front of them . Eventually, they stopped in what would have been the grand hall .
In the hall was a pedestal with half a demon sword stuck in it .
“Do you understand?” (Gerard)
Misa stares at the sword .
“…… . This is the sword my father gave me… . ?” (Misa)
Gerard nods .
“I intend to prove that I am a messenger sent by your father . ” (Gerard)
He glanced at Ray .
“You seem cautious . ” (Gerard)
“Yet apparently you no longer seem worried . ” (Ray)
Ray smiled his usual refreshing smile at Gerard .
Gerard pulls the half-sword out .
“You should check it directly to make sure . ” (Gerard)
Gerard walks towards Misa with the sword and slowly presents it to her .
“Thank yo–” (Misa)
Just as Misa was about to reach for the sword in a fluid motion Gerard flipped the sword and thrust the tip into her .
“I’m sorry but I’ve been ordered to kill you . ” (Gerard)
“Oh?” (Ray)
An unconcerned Ray speaks up . A few moments ago he had nothing in his hands but he now held the unique sword Sigshesta .
“… . . That’s …… . . ?” (Gerard)
Feeling something was off Gerard stopped and withdrew the sword from Misa . The tip of the sword that he thought he’d thrust into Misa was missing leaving only a neat cut line on the sword .
With a speed that no eye could follow Ray had cut and erased the tip of the sword .
“Ray-san… . ” Misa says uneasily .
“It’s okay, you’re safe . Fall back . ” (Ray)
“… . Yes… . . ” (Misa)
Ray steps forward to protect Misa .
“Can I ask one thing?” (Ray)
Without showing any concern Gerard answers in a dignified manner .
“What is it?” (Gerard)
“If your lord really is her father then why are you trying to kill her?” (Ray)
Gerard drew a magic formation and took a small shield out . The shield had a blue jewel embedded in each corner .
“I’m very sorry but that was a lie . It is the will of my master the curse king Kaihiram Jiste . My purpose is to take the origin of Misa Iriologue who carries the blood of the great spirit Reno . ” (Gerad)
Misa’s eyes went wide in surprise .
“… . Great spirit… . . Reno… . . ?” (Misa)
“Yes . You are the biological child of the great spirit Reno the mother of all spirits . Unlike other spirits she bore you directly in her body . Your origin contains the power to subdue all spirits . ” (Gerard)
Due to being shocked Misa didn’t answer right away .
“Assuming that’s true . ” Ray said calmly . ” Then why does the mazoku called Kaihiram Jiste have the sword that her father gave her?” (Ray)
“It’s a fake . ” (Gerard)
“Why are you lying?” (Ray)
Gerard doesn’t answer so Ray continues .
“My demon eyes aren’t very good, but I do know a lot about swords and that demon sword is certainly the half-sword that was in the union tower . ” (Ray)
Ray sets his sword up .
“I’ll have you tell me the truth . ” (Ray)
** ** ** ** ** **
With Zeshia walking by her side Eleonor arrived at the castle of demon emperor Elio that governs Midheys .
“The people from the hero academy should be waiting here for me . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor addresses a butler who guides them to lodgings that are set apart in a separate part of the castle .
After finding a magic tool left by Jerga, Ledoriano and the others might have relied on the demon emperor Elio who was actively involved in the post-war clean-up .
“This room here . ”
The butler stops in front of a luxurious door and knocks .
“Ledoriano-sama I have Eleonor-sama here . ”
There’s no answer to his call so the butler dubiously knocks on the door again .
“Ledoriano-sama are you in there?”
There’s no answer so the butler puts his hand on the door handle .
“Wait . ” Eleonor said in a rush . “… . . There’s someone inside I don’t know……” (Eleonor)
“…… . . A person you don’t know?”
“Yeah . Withdraw . It might be dangerous . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor puts her hand on the handle and opens the door to see 3 men inside the room .
It was Ledoriano, Laos and Heine .
They had all fallen on the floor their bodies a stained blue colour .
“Everyone!!” (Eleonor)
“Hiihii . You’re finally here . ”
An eerie sounding voice comes from the corner of the room .
Turing around Eleonor see’s a small boy standing there .
“… . . Who are you?” (Eleonor)
“My name is Zabro Geeze and I serve the scarlet monument king Gilisris Dello as his adjutant . Don’t you know of him?” (Zabro) (1)
Contrary to his youthful face his gaze and mannerisms exude craftiness .
“What did you do to everyone?” (Eleonor)
“I poisoned their meal a little bit . It seems to have worked very well . ” (Zabro)
Eleonor takes a fighting stance and Zeshia pulls out the holy sword Enhalle .
“Are you a mazoku from 2000 years ago?” (Eleonor)
“That I am . ” (Zabro)
“What’s your purpose for doing this? Though it cost so much Azeshion and Deiruheido finally managed to take each other’s hand . If you are aiming to spoil that peace then I will not allow it . ” (Eleonor)
“Hihihi peace!” (Zabro)
Zabro’s face takes on an unpleasant smile .
“Things like that are not interesting . The purpose of the scarlet monument king is the research of magic and nothing else . You can see for yourself . ” (Zabro)
Where Zabro pointed in the room stood a stone monument . It was the size of two humans and had enough magic power in it to make it instantly recognisable as a magic tool .
“They said it was the legacy of Jerga but it isn’t . This is the result of my research into the magic and . ” (Zabro)
A magic formation appears under the surface of the stone .
“Look” (Zabro)
At the moment when Zabro applied his magic power a voice could be heard .
It was an unpleasant voice that resembled the former
“Kill Eleonor—-”
Ledoriano, Heine and Laos sit up slowly their bodies still stained blue and turn eyes filled with hatred at Eleonor .
“What do you think? It’s certainly similar to and . It’s quite the masterpiece . ” (Zabro)
“I have nothing but hate for that magic . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor draws four magic formations creating and covers the stone with it sealing its power .
Ledoriano and the others fall back down .
Upon seeing this Zabro’s face takes on a smile filled with insanity . A far cry from his boyish face .
“As expected of the magic . How interesting . Do you know why you were born?” (Zabro)
Eleonor stares at Zabro .
“…… . To give birth to the soldiers that would fight against the mazoku……?” (Eleonor)
“No that’s wrong . That’s not what Jerga had in mind but the hand of God had to enter Eleonor as humans don’t have the power to enchant origins . Your purpose is the purpose of the gods and that was to make an excellent vessel . ” (Zabro)
“…… . . What do you mean… . . ?” (Eleonor)
“Don’t you get it? slow fellow . The more clones you created, thousands or tens of thousands would eventually lead to a mutation . Individuals with stronger magic and even individuals with stronger origins would not be surprising . ” (Zabro)
Eleonor was cautious and activated her magic eyes .
“That is what God wants . A being born with an origin so strong it can carry the power of a god . The gods have been waiting for over 1500 years now . ” (Zabro)
“You’ve been waiting as well?” (Eleonor)
“Indeed . Come on, think about it . One must have been born with an origin distinctly different from the others . ” (Zabro)
Realising what was happening Eleonor stepped forward to protect Zeshia .
“A gods magic formula and a vessel made by a god . So interesting . I’ll need to dissect it and have a good look inside . ” (Zabro)
“……I’ve understood all too well . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor raises her hand and draws a magic formation .
“You’re someone I can’t forgive . ” (Eleonor)
** ** ** ** ** **
Misha and Sasha went after the mazoku that had run away using .
They had started using but getting too close resulted in anti-magic interfering with so they teleported a certain distance and started tracking them .
They gradually began to catch up with the mazoku that was running away .
“Were being watched by . ” (Misha)
As expected of Misha . She noticed they were being observed .
“… . It’s fine . I don’t know who it is but I’ll show off to the guy who wants to look . More importantly were almost there . ” (Sasha)
“Nn . ” (Misha)
A figure of a mazoku came into their view .
One of the chaos generation the hard sword Linka Seourunes .
A girl with jet black hair tied up in a ponytail was easily carrying the body of Menou with one hand while effortlessly flying through the sky .
When they closed the distance Linka dove towards the ground and landed in a forest .
Chasing after her Sasha and Misha also descended to the ground .
“Has this game of tag already ended or did you realise you couldn’t run any further?” (Sasha)
Linka turned a cutting look at Sasha and her provocation .
“What do you want with Menou-sensei?” (Sasha)
“Aah this? It was merely a tool to lure you out . I have no use for it anymore . ” (Linka)
Linka threw Menou away but she showed no sign of waking up .
“What do you mean?” (Sasha)
“I am Ledane Ion a subordinate of the dark king Ejes Code though I am called Linka Seourunes in this life . It is my lords will that I kill you who were brought forth by a gods thoughts and feelings . ” (Linka)
Linka draws a magic formation and pulls out a large sword . It’s a strange sword . The blade is so transparent you can see right through it .
“Nee, can I ask you something?” (Sasha)
“What?” (Linka)
“What do you mean by a god’s thoughts and feelings? Me and Misha are direct descendants of one of the old seven demon emperors Aivis Necron . ” (Sasha)
Linka thrust the large transparent sword into the ground .
“Aivis Necron was fused with one of the origins of the hero Kanon until the demon king Arnos revived . ” (Linka)
“I know that . ” (Sasha)
“Then why did that naive man produce such children of tragedy like yourselves?” (Linka)
Sasha found herself at a loss so Misha answered .
“ divided the original origin into two but the personality was only supposed to go to one of them . ” (Misha)
When developing new magic its natural that the results may not be as good as the formula that you constructed . We have to believe in our own theories and test them . Sometimes, like in the case of an unexpected result will be produced .
“That’s me . ” (Misha)
“You’re half right and half wrong . The imperfection in the natural magic formation was due to the gods interfering . They altered the light of the moon and rewrote the magic circle at the moment of casting the spell and the result was that you were born . ” (Linka)
Misha stares at Linka with her usual deadpan expression .
“There is no need for divine intervention in the world of the mazoku . I’ll get rid of you before you awaken . ” (Linka)
“Really? Hmph . ” Sasha smiles .
“Thank you for telling me but you’re wrong . ” (Sasha)
Misha nods .
Magic appears in Sasha’s eyes and she activates her demon eyes of ruin .
“It was not God who gave us life . ” (Sasha)
(1)He speaks like an old man but there’s no real way to convey that in English unless I start putting him using things like sonny boy or whippersnapper