Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 119

Chapter 119
The magic formation drawn by Eleonor containing earth, wind, fire and water covers every wall and turns into a barrier surrounding the room .
seals the power of mazoku and weakens them while they are inside, however, Zabro didn’t move at all .
“Useless, useless . Look” (Zabro)
A magic formation forms at Zabro’s feet and covers him in a black light barrier .
“Darkness Domain . ” (Zabro)
The dark domain Zabro created offset the effect of and raised his magic power more .
“The magic developed by humans is of little use here . Without holy water it is nothing . ” (Zabro)
Zabro thrusts his hands out in front of him and about 40 magic formations appear .
Although a magics effect is amplified by layering on multiple magic formations it shouldn’t be possible to develop so many magic circles in an instant . As expected of a 2000-year-old mazoku who is also the scarlet monument kings second in command .
“Here” (Zabro)
Zabro raises his hands above his head and the multiple formations rise up and spread out . They continue to rise and reach the ceiling before destroying it and carrying on up into the sky .
“I’ll gratefully have my fill . ” (Zabro)
Scarlet monuments appeared from the formations in the sky and at a rough count, there’s hundreds of them before they rain down like hail on Midheys castle .
A huge noise rings out from the castle . The walls, floors, ceilings and whatever was in the castle was destroyed by the falling stones .
From start to finish it only lasted several seconds but the castle has been partially destroyed .
“Everyone could have died from that . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor protected Zeshia, Ledoriano and the others by stacking up 7 layers of .
“Hiihi . Stupid girl . Did you think this old man would do something as inefficient as killing?” (Zabro)
Zabro lowers his hands and points them towards the ground .
“The monuments are magic tools that can store and contain magic power . Just now those monuments that rained down contained the power of the scarlet monument king . Have a read of the magic characters carved into them . ” (Zabro)
Eleonor glances at one of the monuments piercing the floor nearby .
The monument has a magic formula inscribed into it similar to a magic formation which reads Rotting Dead Ogre Soldier .
“Decedents of the mazoku . You will rot while still alive and faithfully serve the scarlet monument king . ” (Zabro)
The stone emits a purple coloured light and shoots it out in a beam . The beams all connect to other monuments and form a huge magic formation .
Footsteps that sound like they are dragging can be heard slowly moving around .
A putrid smell filled the air and groans began to be heard from all over the castle .
“Here they come . ” (Zabro)
With a loud bang the steward who had guided Eleonor earlier burst through the door . His skin was rotting, his eyes were dyed red and two weird horns were growing from his head but most of all his magic power was so strong you wouldn’t think it was the same person .
“… . . Guuuuuu… . . ”
A groan leaked from the steward’s mouth as he turned his hostile gaze towards Eleonor .
All traces of sanity was gone .
Eleonor turned around at the sound of breaking glass to see five or six of the castle soldiers breaking in through the windows .
Just like the steward they had rotting skin, red eyes and two weird horns growing from their heads .
“… . . Though they resemble zombies there are some differences… . . ” Eleonor mutters to herself .
“Hiihi . This is probably your first time seeing them . They are ghouls . I improved that lukewarm spell Decaying Death that Arnos made . I created a magic that produces soldiers who are stronger and above all else loyal . Even their origin gets corrupted . ” (Zabro)
Eleonor turns eyes filled with pity towards the soldiers now turned into ghouls .
“…… . Such an awful magic……” (Eleonor)
“Compared to the magic I still have a lot of research to do into origins . What technique do you use to create an origin clone? If I can understand that then I can approach the abyss of magic even more . ” (Zabro)
Zabro is talking like they are a couple of colleagues discussing magic research .
“Researching magic is not something that’s done by sacrificing someone else . ” (Eleonor)
“Stupid girl . This old man has sacrificed nothing . Their origins still remain . In fact, they should be thanking me for increasing their magic power . ” (Zabro)
“… . . You’re wrong . ” (Eleonor)
“I’m wrong? This old man is? Hiihi . After all, a dumb little girl like you doesn’t understand magic research . ” (Zabro)
Zabro points at Eleonor .
“Do it . ” (Zabro)
The ghouls slowly start moving forward .
While letting out an eerie groan they raise their demon swords to attack .
“… . Fighting… . . is not good……” (Zeshia)
Zeshia swings Enhalle down and as she does it shoots out light and creates another five copies of itself increasing the number to six .
Enhalle is the holy sword of light . Its characteristic is to duplicate itself so it emits holy light using the original one as its source . It can even do it to the point where all 10,000 of the Zeshia’s can have a copy .
Five holy swords float in the air following Zeshia’s will before slashing at the ghoul’s demon swords and sending them flying .
“… . . Ugaaaaa…… . !!”
However, the ghouls were not bothered in the slightest and attacked barehanded .
“Let’s get out in the open Zeshia . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor starts running and cancels the stacked on Ledoriano and the others .
“I’m sorry everyone . I’ll do my utmost to help you!” (Eleonor)
“Hiihi . It’s futile . It’s only a matter of time before they become ghouls . There’s no escaping the scarlet monument kings . ” (Zabro)
Eleonor and Zeshia jump out of the room and run down the passage .
As they turn the corner .
“… . . Guuuu……!!”
“… . . Gaaaa……!!”
Dozens of ghouls appear before their eyes crowding and blocking the passageway so much so that not even an ant would get through .
“We’ll force our way through! Beat them just enough so they don’t die!” (Eleonor)
“… . . Skewer them…… . ” (Zeshia)
Using as their shields Eleonor and Zeshia plunge into the group of ghouls .
Zeshia readies Enhalle and countless swords of light appear before her .
Zeshia thrust out with Enhalle and at the same time the floating swords thrust out and skewered the ghouls in the chest .
Zeshia’s onslaught with Enhalle caused the ghouls to flinch and using the shields made from Eleonor and Zeshia broke through the crowd of ghouls sending them flying in all directions .
“There . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor headed towards the centre of Midheys castle while avoiding the approaching ghouls .
“… . It must be here somewhere……” (Eleonor)
Constantly casting her gaze about Eleonor saw what she was looking for in the vast garden .
“… . Found it… . ” (Eleonor)
A large scarlet monument stone . It’s bigger than the others towering upwards and it’s stored a vast amount of magic power . This stone is probably the core of .
“If we destroy this no more ghouls should be born . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor covers the monument with and dampens its magic .
“… . Break it… . ” (Zeshia)
Zeshia pours magic power into Enhalle causing the sword to shine brightly and increase greatly in length .
“… . . Eiiiii……!!” (Zeshia)
A noise rings out as Enhalle and the monument collide and compete with each other . The particles of magic that scattered from the strike blew away everything around them, however, when everything settled the monument remained flawless .
“Hiihi . It’s useless useless . The scarlet king has been pouring his magic into this for 2000 years . It’s not the sort of thing two stupid little girls can break . ” (Zabro)
Zabro descends from the sky .
“No more running around . ” (Zabro)
Grunting and groaning a group of ghouls emerge . They must number around 500 .
Eleonor and Zeshia were completely surrounded but Eleonor was paying special attention to one in the group .
“……Guuuuu… . ”
It was Ledoriano . He had completely lost all sanity and turned into a ghoul .
“… . . Ledoriano-kun…… . ” (Eleonor)
From the group, Laos and Heine appeared as well .
All had turned into ghouls and faced Eleonor with hostility .
“… . Laos-kun… . . Heine-kun……” (Eleonor)
“It’s a pity but never mind . I’ll break your body apart and make it so you don’t feel pain or sorrow any more . ” (Zabro)
Zabro holds his hands out .
“First I’ll have to block that obstructive magic . ” (Zabro)
The monuments in the vicinity were all covered in a black light . They emitted a black light that shot out and connected to all the other stones forming a magic formation .
Though it was still daytime the castle was covered in darkness .
The magic that formed was Absorption Magic Darkness Domain
Enhalle’s light weakened and the that was covering the monument disappeared .
“……Magic power is taken… . . ” (Zeshia)
“Hiihi . How is my ? It has the effect of absorbing the magic of enemies within its darkness domain . How long until your magic empties? About a minute I suppose?” (Zabro)
“… . Forgive…… . ” (Eleonor)
Eleonor mutters something .
“Nn? What? I can’t hear you . Have you lost the power of speech already?” (Zabro)
Eleonor looked up and stared sternly at Zabro .
“Even if you apologise I said I’ll never forgive you!” (Eleonor)
The light of covers Eleonor and Zeshia’s bodies .
“Hiihi . You don’t know anything about magic do you? You should take a good look into the abyss . Magic doesn’t reach beyond . No matter how much you try to use if you can’t gather the important feelings then it’s useless . I assume you were trying to get the help of those 10,000 Zeshia’s?” (Zabro)
“If you’re on about feelings then there’s enough here . ” (Eleonor)
Magic letters appear around Eleonor floating in the air and drifting upwards .
Holy water flows from the letters before turning into a sphere of water that covered her .
“ . ” (Eleonor)
“What!?” (Zabro)
Zabro looked astonished .
“…Wha… . how… . . ? The magic is using itself… . . ? Impossible…… . What type of method is that… . ?” (Zabro)
Zabro’s doubt quickly faded as he was attacked by astonishment again .
The light from swelled up dozens of times .
“…The magic of … . !? What’s going on… . . !? Where the hell are you getting your magic from… . !?” (Zabro)
“Desire lives in our origins and I am . The magic that creates origins . ” (Eleonor)
“Don’t deceive me! No origins are being created anywhere! There’s no one here but you, the ghouls and me!” (Zabro)
“It’s hard to create an origin so therefore all I’ve done is create the desire within an origin . ” (Eleonor)
Zabro was momentarily lost for words .
“… . Such a thing… . . impossible…… with magic only created desire… . !? How is that even possible… . !?” (Zabro)
Eleonor holds up her hand and the magic that’s formed takes the shape of a gun port .
The light of gathers in the gun port .
“It’s time for you to be spanked . ” (Eleonor)
A shell of light is fired from the gun port .
It shot right through the stone monument leaving a trail behind like a comet . Immediately after there was a bang and a burst of magic splitting open before everything subsided .
The huge monument had completely broken into fragments and scattered everywhere .
The effects of disappeared and the darkness faded away .
“…Guu… . . impossible… . . This old man’s anti-magic… . . broken in a single blow… . . such a thing… . ” (Zabro)
Zabro had been caught up in the aftermath of and was grovelling on the ground .
It seems he had used up all his magic trying to use anti-magic so he couldn’t get up off the ground .
“The barriers disappeared . ” (Zeshia)
Eleonor nods at Zeshia’s words .
“Then let’s cure everyone right away . ” (Eleonor)
The light of spreads all over the castle grounds and covers the entire castle before drawing a huge magic formation .
“Sanctuary Resurrection ” (Eleonor)
A soft, warm light gently shines on the castle .
The horns on the ghouls gradually disappear, their rotten skin is restored and their origins are healed .
Everyone regained their original form before fainting and falling down .
“…Impossible……impossible… . . such a thing? Why……? Those ghouls were made by the scarlet monument kings monument… . . why? By a human type magic… . . ?” (Zabro)
“You’d better study the basics of magic more . ” (Eleonor)
“…What…… . did you say!? Are you saying this old man doesn’t know the basics of magic!?” (Zabro)
“Is the effect of magic the same when experienced users use it?” (Eleonor)
Zabro raises an eyebrow and spits out his words .
“Those kind of things are decided by the magic power of the user . That’s why it’s so important for me to know why you were able to destroy the monument of the scarlet monument king—” (Zabro)
Zabro stopped himself as if he had noticed something .
“Hmm… The scarlet monument kings monument might be great but . ” (Eleonor)
With a nonchalant smile, Eleonor raised her forefinger .
“I’m the demon kings magic . ” (Eleonor)