Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 120

Chapter 120
In the forest, Sasha and Misa are confronting the 2000 yeard old Mazoku under the commanded of the dark king Ejes Code .
“Okay, now then—” (Linka)
Linka pulls a large transparent sword out of the ground and carries it on her shoulder before pushing away from the ground so strongly she leaves a footprint in the earth .
With a burst of speed, she rapidly closed in on them .
“Let’s fight!” (Linka)
Sasha turns her demon eyes of ruin on the sword . No matter if it was from the age of myths with her current power she should be able to destroy its magic but the next moment Sasha couldn’t believe her eyes . The sword that was already transparent turned even more transparent then disappeared .
No matter how hard she looked she could not see the sword with her demon eyes .
Linka for her part swings what appeared to only be a handle sideways at Sasha .
“Ice shield . ” (Misha)
Misha points with a finger and uses .
Her instantly constructed ice shield was cut by the invisible sword .
Misha instantly builds a new ice shield but Linka’s sword is too fast cutting through the ice shielded and slashing Sasha .
Sasha drops to one knee blood gushing from her chest .
“Too shallow?” (Linka)
Due to how the shield had been cut the angle of the sword slash could be inferred allowing Sahsa to dodge and avoid a fatal injury .
Sasha is covered in the flames as the instantly healing her wound .
“Fall back . ” (Misha)
Hearing Misha’s voice in her head Sasha casts and retreats .
When they were both far enough away from Linka they stopped and turned their demon eyes to Linka .
“What’s with that demon sword? I can’t even see its magic . ” (Sasha)
Sasha’s demon eyes of ruin need to be able to see the magic formula to be able to destroy it so she was unable to stop the demon sword .
“It’s not the sword its Hiding Magic . ” (Misha)
Misha’s demon eyes can still see the hidden sword as well as the magic .
“The sword’s power is transparency . Linka has cast and concealed the sword’s power . ” (Misha)
“…… . So that’s how it is . Hard Sword is a bit of a fake name . ” (Sasha)
Linka slowly closes the gap between them .
Sasha turns her demon eyes on Linka instead causing her to frown for an instant but she continues advancing without caring .
The demon eyes of ruin are the ultimate anti-magic . The effect of destroying people and things is purely a by-product .
A lesser magic-user might be defeated in a single glance but against a 2000-year-old mazoku, they would not be enough to win .
Misha and Sasha continued to retreat keeping a distance between them .
Those 2 were at a disadvantage against swords .
“Unfortunately……” (Linka)
Linka stops and puts her sword back on her shoulder .
“Hard Sword is the name I was given before my reincarnation was fully completed . The name I was given 2000 years ago was the Soft Sword . ” (Linka)
Though she’s far outside of the sword’s range she raises her sword anyway .
“Don’t look down on the distance my sword can cover!” (Linka)
Linka slashes downwards with her sword .
“Sasha . ” (Misha)
“I know!” (Sasha)
Misha creates an ice shield while Sasha creates a magic barrier and an anti-magic barrier .
Grabbing each others hands they both say together .
“Anti-Demon Construction Creation ”
The ice shield strengthened many times by the fusion magic withstood Linka’s sword, however, Linka stomped down with one foot and used all her body power swinging her sword down again .
“Oooooooooooooh!!!” (Linka)
The ice shield cracks and shatters followed by the ground being split in two, however, both Sasha and Misha had fled to both sides using just before it happened .
If either of them had been hit by that they’d be in trouble .
“Free sword Gamest . The shape, material and colour change to whatever I like . ” (Linka)
Linka grasps the hilt with only one hand now instead of both . What form has she changed it to this time?
“All this power and its called a soft sword . As usual all you 2000-year-old mazoku do whatever you please . ” (Sasha)
“Don’t overestimate me too much . 2000 years ago I was not as strong as I am now . Well, in terms of physical strength anyway . ” (Linka)
Linka closes in on them while speaking .
“What do you mean?” (Sasha)
Sasha talked to Linka while keeping an eye on the hand holding the sword .
“My reincarnation went well . This body has inherited the blood and traits of the demon king Arnos very well . I was called a member of the chaos generation before my power even fully awoke . With my origin fully awakened in it no wonder I’m so strong now . ” (Linka)
Linka kicked the ground, however, Misha was one step ahead and a fence of ice blocked her way .
“Cage of ice . ” (Misha)
Walls sprang up on all sides and enclosed Linka in a cage of ice strengthened by Sasha’s anti-magic and magic barrier .
“” (Sasha/Misha)
“Weak!!” (Linka)
Rotating her body Linka swings her sword crushing the cage of ice, however, Misha had already made her next move .
“Ice castle . ” (Misha)
Demon King Castles are built to the north, south, east and west with Linka in the centre . Each castle has a gun port open and aimed at Linka .
“Eat this!” (Sasha)
Jet black suns are fired from each castle at the same time .
“!!!” (Sasha/Misha)
The area plunged into darkness as four jet black suns fired . There was no way to avoid but Linka took the full on .
The area burst into black flames, while the surrounding trees around were blown away by the aftermath of the magic .
If you took that on directly not even your bones would remain .
“That’s really good magic for mazoku of this age . ” (Linka)
Linka ran through the black flames . She had turned the free sword Gamest into a shield and layered it with anti-magic thus blocking .
“But—” (Linka)
Linka closes in on Sasha with her invisible sword lowered .
Sasha sets up a spherical magic barrier and as the sword cuts the barrier she reads the trajectory and dodges .
“Even if I can’t see it I can still deal with it . ” (Sasha)
Sasha retreats using
Misha suddenly shouts .
“Sasha stop!” (Misha)
Blood pours out of Sasha’s mouth
“……Eh……?” (Sahsa)
Blood spreads from her abdomen and coats the transparent demon sword making it visible .
“The free sword Gamest also has free number of places it can be placed . I put it in places where you might escape to . ” (Linka)
The phoenix vestment flares up again and heals Sasha but Linka thrust another Gamest into Sasha before she heals .
“So much for that . The wound is spreading faster than that magic tool can regenerate . ” (Linka)
Sasha collapses .
As Linka said, with two demon swords stuck in her death is only a matter of time .
“It must be painful to die so slowly . I’ll make it easier for you . ” (Linka)
Linka held Gamest as if to deliver the finishing blow .
“Chains of ice . ” (Misha)
An uncountable number of ice chains wrapped around Linka’s body .
“Tch!” (Linka)
In a single flash of Gamest Linka sliced through all the chains .
Misha looks at Sasha . She might be trying to help Sasha but Linka is standing in front of her .
“The demon eyes of ruin have been sealed . All that’s left is you . ” (Linka)
Although she was playing around with the invisible sword the demon eyes of ruin were a threat to Linka .
Although not the finishing blow, the constant staring of Sasha restricted Linka’s movements, however, those fetters are now gone .
“………… . ” (Misha)
Misha quietly watches Linka
“Let me pass . ” (Misha) . It was an indifferent voice . ,
“Don’t worry . ” (Linka)
Linka moves slightly . In the next moment, she had approached Misha .
Even if Misha could see Linka with her demon eyes the physical ability difference was too much .
Before she had a chance to retreat, Linka had plunged her free sword into Misha’s abdomen .
“I’ll send you to the same place . ” (Linka)
When she pulled out her demon sword Misha fell down .
“This is the end . ” (Linka)
The shape of the free sword Garmest becomes clear .
She puts the tip of Garmest against Misha’s head and pours magic into it .
“Move . ” (Misha)
An inorganic voice rings out .
“It’s very admirable to still be worrying about your elder sister at this point . At the very least I’ll make sure you don’t suffer . ” (Linka)
Linka grasps Garmest with her other hand and thrusts down with great strength .
The tip of Garmest breaks the skin, cuts through the meat and touches Misha’s skull but with a snapping sound the sword breaks .
“wh…… . at……?” (Linka)
Linka stared at her broken sword in disbelief .
“… . . Retreat… . . ” (Misha)
Misha’s voice rings out .
It was an inorganic voice but it was filled with deep anger .
“… . The moment I touched you with it… . you changed the free sword… . . into a fragile material……” Linka muttered to herself when she saw the free sword Garmest which had lost it magical power shatter into pieces .
Linka looked up as a flash of light crossed her vision .
“… . What are you creating… . ?” Linka says in a shaking voice .
In front of Linka’s eyes, an unbelievable thing was created .
“… . What are you even creating? Do you even understand . . ?” Linka shouted out almost in a scream
A castle of ice was being built .
Two thousand years ago, every mazoku looked up to the most powerful magic tool owned by the demon king Arnos Voldigod, the demon castle Deruzogedo .
“… . . You can’t……… That…… Castle is a god! A mere mazoku… . . can’t…… . !” . (Linka)
As if it’s a bad dream she repeats it many times over . It was almost as if she was praying .
Linka already knew . Misha’s magic was so powerful that it could transform the demon sword Gamest into something fragile .
Misha raised her body up slowly causing Linka to back away in fear .
“……Have you awoken…… . ?” (Linka)
Misha shakes her head .
“I am me . ” (Misha)
The demon king’s castle becomes a solid magic formation and uncountable magic formations float on its surface .
Magic particles rise up and a magic formation appears in Misha’s eyes .
Deruzogedo was create using .
The magic power it possessed compared to the original which housed the power of the god of destruction was completely inferior, however, it housed enough power to be considered a pseudo god .
“Ice crystals . ” (Misha)
Linka used all her power and developed an anti-magic field over her whole body, however, when Misha looked at her with her demon eyes Linka’s body disappeared and all that remained was ice crystals .
“Sasha . ” (Misha)
Misha looks at the fallen Sasha and the two demon swords stuck in her turned into ice crystals and disappeared .
Once the Free Swords disappeared the Phoenix Vestment healed Sasha’s wounds and she opened her eyes slightly .
“Just in time . ” (Sasha)
Laughing happily Misha drops to her knees as if her power was exhausted .
The Deruzogedo behind her scatters into ice crystals creating a beautiful view of icy snow .