Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 122

Chapter 122
Zeke would have known I would point out a lie regarding the child of god because its the thing I want to know the most and the thing he has to hide the most so he would definitely pick something specific to lie about .
If he didn’t he would have lost already, however, winning this game in exchange for information about the child of god will not be of much benefit to him . At best he will be able to destroy Melheys .
In other words, it’s reasonable to assume that Zeke has not yet revealed what he really wants to hide .
Zeke isn’t lying about the child of God though I can’t just believe everything he said because its possible to hide information about the child of God without setting the lie to be about the child of God .
For example, let’s say you’ve specified a lie about the Great Spirit Reno . Because I saw in that Misa might be the child of god he had to answer so of course in response to my earlier question about whether or not Misa and the Great Spirit Reno are related to the child of God, he said that they are .
If it’s irrelevant, you have to say it is irrelevant and he can lie about the matter of the Great Spirit Reno . He could have lied about the Great Spirit Reno carrying the child of God in her body .
In that case, the possibility remains that he is trying to misrepresent Misa as the child of God in order to hide the real child of God .
“Fumu . Then my next question . ” (Arnos)
I’ve got six questions left and 3 more times I can point out a lie .
The question to uncover what’s Zeke’s lying about should be… . .
“Is there just one child of god?” (Arnos)
The more you limit your questions you less you can lie . If you just answer the number of people, it’s not relevant in any way except to the child of god and we have already confirmed that Zeke has not lied in matters relating to the child of God .
The possibility of lying about this is low but you never know .
“Indeed . There is only one child of God . That’s what Nousgalia told me, and he promised me it was true . ” (Zeke)
Misha and Sasha are being counted as one person when they fuse .
At the very least, this means that out of Misa, Zeshia, Misha and Sasha, at least two of them, are not the child of God and that Zeke lied to make me think so .
The question is, what would be the best answer to the question of lying about two or more people being the child of God? The simplest answer is that it should be about my subordinates . That way, Zeke can answer questions involving Misa, Eleonor, Zeshia, Misha and Sasha with lies .
Basically, my next question will confirm it .
“Then are Misha and Sasha the same age?” (Arnos)
I asked him a question to which the answerer is obvious .
If Zeke specified the matter to be lied about as being about my acquaintances or subordinates then he cannot answer this question correctly and has no choice but to lie .
“Their ages are the same because they were born on the same day . ” (Zeke)
Zeke spoke the correct answer . Then he hasn’t picked my subordinates or my acquaintances as the matter he can lie about .
Could he have lied so that two or more of them were the child of God? The first answer, Zeke said, was that he had heard it directly from Nousgalia and that the fellow had promised not to lie .
If we specify the matter to be lied about as being about Nousgalia, then we can answer the first question as if everyone were a child of God .
“I’ll use my right to point out a lie . You’re lying about Nousgalia . ” (Arnos)
“Unfortunately that’s wrong . ” (Zeke)
So it’s correct that the child of god is just one person .
But at the first question, Zeke spoke as if there were three children of God . It could be that he lied about two of them, or even all three, but it would have been difficult for him to tell such a lie, no matter what else he might have specified .
There’s no lie so far and in his first answer, he only alluded to the child of god and not that there was a child of god, only a possibility .
Misa’s tradition as a spirit was to be the person who would destroy the demon king of the tyranny as the child whom great spirit Reno was pregnant with and carried directly in her body .
Eleonor is the magic that the heavenly father created in his negotiations with Jerga to create a divine vessel, and that vessel is little Zeshia .
And Misha and Sasha if I hadn’t stopped them, would have been born as God intended in one body carrying god’s will and great magical power .
Two of those are not the child of god or more precisely they weren’t born in order to destroy the demon king of tyranny .
If I go in order through the problem, finding out who the child of god is isn’t very hard .
“Next question . Who’s the child of god?” (Arnos)
3 questions left .
“It’s Zeshia . ” (Zeke)
He cannot lie about the child of god .
If I believe he just lied then he picked the identity of the child of god to lie about . If that’s the case then not only who is the child of god but he could even lie about who the fire death king is or who the demon king of tyranny is .
Going back to the great spirit Reno, she is the mother of all spirits . All spirits are her children not just Misa so if you think about it the right answer to give to my question would have been Misa, however, he cannot answer with Misa because this is what he’s chosen to lie about .
There’s a good possibility he’s lied with his answer of Zeshia because Misa is the child of God .
Let’s just confirm it .
“Who’s the demon king of tyranny?” (Arnos)
2 questions left .
“My master Eldomade-sama . ” (Zeke)
Fumu . He’s just about within the rules with this answer .
“You’re lying about the identity . ” (Arnos)
“Unfortunately that’s wrong . ” (Zeke)
“… . . Oh?” (Arnos)
Not lying about the identity? This means that he’s answered the question of who the demon king of tyranny is with a lie . So he’s specified that the matter to be lied about is related to me?
Since who the child of god is cannot be lied about then it’s decided that Zeshia is the child of god .
“…… . ” (Arnos)
This is strange .
2 questions left and 1 asking if he’s lying left .
The only way for me to win is to guess what Zeke has specified as the subject of his lie .
He’s singled out things about me as things to lie about but why would he designate such a lie?
You can lie about me, you can lie about the demon king of tyranny, but you can’t completely hide the child of God .
If Zeke wins this contest of wits, he will, at best, have the right to destroy Melheys . What good does it do him to bury one of my subordinates in exchange for information about the child of God?
I’m having a hard time coming up with an answer .
He has to win this contest of wits while completely concealing the true identity of the child of god .
Either Zeshia isn’t the child of god or perhaps, by destroying Melheys, he would have advantages that would rival the information about the child of God .
No, if there was a benefit to destroying Melheys that was comparable to the information about the child of God, then he would not designate the lie to be about the demon king of tyranny, but would rather choose a more certain way to win .
Then that means…… .
“Did you notice Demon King Arnos?” (Zeke)
Zeke floats a bold smile .
“But it’s already too late . You lost this battle of wits the moment you started it with me!” (Zeke)
Zeke sets up magic and anti-magic barriers .
The sound of breaking glass rings out and 4 mazoku jump in through the windows .
2 of the mazoku have demon swords just like Gabreido while the other two have swords I’ve never seen before .
Using my demon eyes I identify them as death piercing sword Gidorest . It’s a sword that can only be used for thrusting but it’s giving off an ominous magic power similar to origin killing magic .
Zeke’s aim is obvious . To fight off the 4 mazoku I would need to interfere with the magic and anti-magic barriers Zeke’s put up but due to I cannot attack Zeke until this competition is over .
If I release any magic it will need to dissipate before it touches his barriers .
To be honest I expected something like this to happen but it’s still a little disappointing though .
Of course, he could also be pretending to do something foolish like this since I’m getting close to the truth .
“I’m revoking all rights to ask questions and point out lies . ” (Arnos)
This will end the competition though due to I cannot use magic for 5 seconds .
“You’ve misjudged me Demon King Arnos! It won’t take 5 seconds either!” (Zeke)
2 of the mazoku thrust their Gabreido’s into cancelling the magic formation before the other 2 quickly thrust their Gidorest’s into the origin that was there .
“This is the end . ” (Zeke)
Zeke summons another Gidorest and also thrusts into the origin gouging it out .
“Alright, 2 seconds left! Now for my other order the demon king Arnos—” (Zeke)
As soon as Zeke turned around and caught sight of me his expression froze and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead .
“Your other order? What was it?” (Arnos)
The 4 mazoku were all dead . I killed them with my bare hands either by stamping on them, breaking their necks or thrusting my hand through their heart .
Zeke answered with a voice that sounded like it was being wrung out of him .
“…Impo… . ssible… . . They were the elites hand-picked from our forces… . . ” (Zeke)
“Did you think you could beat me just because you had sealed off my magic?” (Arnos)
I kick the last mazoku away from me .
“You however Zeke, have been lured in by me . You thought you had a chance of winning if you sealed my magic, but without hesitation, you destroyed Melheys origin . That’s basically telling me that killing Melheys was your top priority . ”
I cancelled the game purposely to impose the penalty on myself to see what he’d do and this guy fell for it .
“What’s the purpose of killing Melheys? He’s worthless to Eldomade and Nousgalia . ” (Arnos)
“… . Do you think I’ll tell you……?” (Zeke)
“Well, not at the moment . ” (Arnos)
I take a step forward .
“… . . Just kill me . Even though it was only a battle of wits I still beat the demon king of tyranny . I have no regrets… . ” (Zeke)
“Fumu . Is that what the staff officer of the fire death king is saying?” (Arnos)
As I said this a voice comes from the stairs .
“Even though it was only a game it’s still disrespectful to even have the delusion that you’d beaten him . ”
An old man with a long white beard comes up the stairs . It’s one of the old seven demon emperors Melheys Boran .
“Don’t you think so chief staff officer of the fire death king Zeke Ozma-dono . ” (Melheys)
Zeke didn’t answer straight away . He stared at Melheys using his demon eyes to examine his origin like he didn’t believe it .
“…I know I destroyed it… . . using the sword Gidorest that was made after you reincarnated… . Even Origin Regeneration shouldn’t have been possible……” (Zeke)
“It was just an imitation you destroyed . I secretly switched them out . ” (Arnos)
“… . You switched them out… . ? There was no difference to Melheys origin…” (Zeke)
Zeke keeps muttering to himself not understanding at all .
“It’s a new magic I learnt recently . You’ve already seen it through . ” (Arnos)
“You don’t mean …… . !? No, but that means you used an innocent new life as a victim… . ?” (Zeke)
“Indeed, I couldn’t bring myself to do that . I used to create a pseudo-origin without consciousness or will . Visually its the same but it’s not a life . ” (Arnos)
“… . Imposs… . . ible… . The war has only just ended… . There’s no way you’ve studied to that extent… . . ” (Zeke)
“What? I only tried it because I thought about it . I haven’t researched at all . ” (Arnos)
“Without even studying it…… you learnt a new type of origin magic……!?” (Zeke)
Zeke’s voice came out almost like a scream .
“If you’ve been studying me then you’d know that’s common for me . Apparently you haven’t done enough research on me prior to our meeting . ” (Arnos)
Zeke grits his teeth .
It’s obvious he’s looking for a way to escape as he starts talking .
“When exactly did you substitute Melheys’ origin………?” (Zeke)
“When you handed Gabreido to me . At that time you were cautious of 2 things . Had I noticed those 4 dead mazoku over there and would I use Gabreido to cut your spell blocking . Because you were cautious of those things I used to replace the origins . ” (Arnos)
Well, to be fair it was a blind spot on Zeke’s side because he wasn’t aware the magic existed . This is the reason I didn’t care about the penalty .
“Didn’t you say I lost this battle of wits when I accepted?” (Arnos)
I take another step forward .
“You already lost when you chose to fight against me . ” (Arnos)
Zeke’s expression of regret shows that he’s realised he’s got nowhere to run to before suddenly falling to his knee’s like a puppet with its strings cut .
He committed suicide by using .
Did you think I’d let you go?” (Arnos)
I interfered with part of the magic circle of and rearranged it .
“In this peaceful world, you have challenged me and lost . I hope you’re prepared for that . ” (Arnos)
I draw a magic formation on the floor . Particles of magic power rise from formation and an owl appears from them .
Mazoku Training .
“It’s a pretty good vessel and I’ve still got some questions for you . ” (Arnos)
Zeke’s face shows his disappointment .
“… . Ku… . . I can’t even answer you… . Permission needs to come from Eldomade-sama… . ” (Zeke)
Zeke falls forward and I cremate his body with Flame .
“Come Zeke . ” (Arnos)
The reincarnated owl perched on my arm like a faithful familiar .