Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 123

Chapter 123
The top floor of the union tower .
After rescuing Menou and bringing her back Sasha was currently talking .
“Ok . So does this Zeke you’ve made into your familiar know anything?” (Sasha)
I nodded and addressed Zeke .
“Tell them your purpose for coming here Zeke . ” (Arnos)
“Even if only a tiny bit my purpose was to reduce the war potential of the demon king of tyranny . That’s why I challenged you to a battle of wits and targeted Melheys . ” (Zeke)
“As he says . ” (Arnos)
“Hmm . So basically you’re saying Nousgalia gave you half a story and used you?” (Sasha)
“Well… He certainly did restrict me . ” (Zeke)
It’s pretty poor to be given half-baked information and then used . Such foolishness would not be forgiven for the staff officer of the fire death king .
“You can’t tell a lie because you’re a familiar right?” (Sasha)
“That’s true, however, my memories have also been investigated . ” (Zeke)
“Have his memories been tampered with?” (Misha)
“Possibly . Just like Evans Mana completely erased Aivis’ memories of the past, the gods can also do that . ” (Arnos)
It may have been one of the conditions for him to reincarnate . I still have my doubts about why he targeted Melheys as well .
“Well its also possible he knows nothing more than what he’s said . ” (Arnos)
Looking over at the stairwell Eleonor and Zeshia enter and join us on the top floor of the union tower .
Ray and Misa came back not long ago so all our group’s members are now back .
“Wow . We’re the last back . Everyone’s so quick . ” (Eleonor)
“Sorry……I’m………late…… . ” (Zeshia)
I’ve already informed everyone via that the four wicked royals have started a fight with us so everyone’s up to speed .
“Well then Melheys . Let’s hear about the post-war clean up as originally planned . ” (Arnos)
“Certainly . ” (Melheys)
Melheys bows to me then starts speaking .
“I’ll give a quick rundown about what we’re doing but there will be some overlap with things I’ve mentioned before . First off is Azeshion . Diego who led the Gairadeite Demon King Subjugation Force has been punished for what he did during the campaign as it was a serious violation of military law . ” (Melheys)
In a situation where the demon king of tyranny had been confirmed dead and the Deiruheido army had started to retreat, he tried to continue the war by cutting off his second-in-command’s arm . Pretty much every soldier saw it . There’s no way he could avoid it .
“Due to the magic and other things that have since come to light they found out that he had been planning his war against Deiruheido for quite some time . As such, Azeshion would like to settle this by declaring Diego a war criminal . ” (Melheys)
“What happened to the Kanon reincarnations ?” Ray asks with some doubt in his voice .
“Since the real Kanon appeared wielding Evans Mana and defended the humans from the demon king of tyranny the other Kanon’s were declared as fakes and are now simply recognised as normal reincarnated individuals . Apparently, there’s been a constant voice of doubt both in and out of the academy for a long time since not one of them ever wielded Evans Mana . ” (Melheys)
Perfectly understandable . Because Kanon appeared during the war all that doubt would have come rushing to the surface in one go .
“The hero academy will remain but it’s unlikely to receive the vast budget it used to have . ” (Melheys)
“I see . Then the name Kanon will have been taken away from Zeshia and Ledoriano-kun as well then . ” (Eleonor)
“Will Zeshia take your family name then?” (Ray)
Eleonor nods .
“I changed it though since I thought it would be troublesome to have the same family name as Diego . ” (Eleonor)
“Same… . . as mama… . ” (Zeshia)
Eleonor nods while patting her head .
“That reminds me how are the other Zeshia’s doing? There was about 10,000 right?” (Sasha)
“They are in the basement of this castle at the moment . ” (Eleonor)
“What?” Sasha lets out an almost wild voice “The basement as in the underground dungeon? How can they live in such a place?” (Sasha)
“It seems really nice though?” (Eleonor)
“… . . What do you mean?” (Sasha)
Sasha looks to me for an explanation .
“Of course I extended it and redecorated it . I’ve made the bottom level into a town where the Zeshia’s can easily live . If you go by area I’d say it’s about the same size as Midheys . ” (Arnos)
“Haaaa!?” Sasha raises her voice in surprise . “……Why are you building a town that’s the same size as Midheys underground?” (Sasha)
“When 10,000 people go out they attract too much attention but it would inconvenient having nothing to do underground so I fixed the environment for them so they can enjoy themselves . ” (Arnos)
“Arnos is kind . ” (Misha)
“There are limits…… . . ” (Sasha)
“It’s only temporary . I intend to take them to the great spirit forest Ahartherun soon . ” (Arnos)
Misha looks puzzled at my words .
“Is that okay?” (Misha)
“10,000 Zeshia’s will make both the mazoku and the humans question it but the spirits don’t care plus the spirits and the humans get along well . The spirits will accept them and it’s not a bad place to live at all . ” (Arnos)
That is if all the Zeshias agree to it of course .
“Well, that’s a story for later anyway . Continue . ” (Arnos)
“The Azeshion side has asked for information about the hero Kanon . How would you like me to handle it? At the moment Azshion doesn’t seem to be aware that the Tora forest encounter was Kanon . ” (Melheys)
Melheys looked at Ray and me .
“Don’t they remember my face?” (Ray)
“There’s the possibility that some individuals remember but it’s not widely known . ” (Melheys)
“If possible I’d appreciate it if my whereabouts remain unknown . ” (Ray)
There’s not many good paints to them finding out he’s the hero Kanon . It would probably bring more trouble than anything else .
“Certainly . Then I’ll reply like that . ” (Melheys)
“How are the people of Azeshion doing?” (Arnos)
“The after-effects of and are not that bad . Almost 90% of the people have recovered due to Arnos-sama and Ray-sama converting the magic of into hope and sending it back to them . The remaining 10% or so are still alive at least . ” (Melheys)
Fumu . At least we made it in time .
“But the experience of wandering in the dark, with hope forcibly absorbed, is not one to be forgotten . The oral tradition of the deep darkness remains deep-rooted amongst many Azeshion people and some even think that the magic was the work of the demon king . ” (Melheys)
It’s understandable . Not many would believe that their own heroes would turn their fangs on them . I’d even say it’s natural to think that way .
“Is Avos Dillheavia still recognised as the demon king of tyranny?” (Arnos)
“Indeed . The Hero Kanon killed Avos Dillheavia in the war, however, he might revive again and bring about the deep darkness . Such uneasiness still exists and is spreading through Azeshion . ” (Melheys)
Well, after all that, it’s no wonder they can’t forget their fear . It’s not going to happen any time soon, but it could be a trigger for humans to start hating the mazoku again .
“At the ceremony of the second coming of the demon king, it would be good if you could mention Avos Dillheavia and play a part in the friendship with Azeshion . ” (Melheys)
“So I cooperated with Kanon and destroyed the false demon king of tyranny Avos Dillheavia?” (Arnos)
“Indeed . Plus in its own way, it is also the truth . ” (Melheys)
“In that case wouldn’t it be better to have Kanon attend the second coming of the demon king ceremony as well?” (Arnos)
I watch Ray while I’m talking .
“I don’t want to stand out that much . ” (Ray)
“Wear armour?” (Misha)
“That might be okay . We can use armour and a helmet to obscure my face . As long as I have Evans Mana they’ll understand I’m the hero Kanon . ” (Ray)
“Then I’ll steer it in that direction . That’s it . That’s the gist of what’s going on . Is there anything else someone would like to add?” (Melheys)
“No, that’s it for today . Let’s proceed with the main issue . ” (Arnos)
“Is this about the fire death king Eldomade?” (Melheys)
“Yeah . His body and origin have been taken over by Nousgalia but I’m not sure when this happened . ” (Arnos)
Everyone falls silent and after a few moments, Melheys starts to speak .
“It was only several days ago that Eldomade did this and came to the academy . He said he wanted to become a teacher and even took the exam and interview and passed . ” (Melheys)
“Did you meet him?” (Arnos)
“Yes . Because he knew Arnos-sama I met him directly and had a chat but he didn’t say much . All he really said was that he wanted to train the next generation in this new age . ” (Melheys)
I did tell Melheys to be courteous to any mazoku from 2000 years ago who appeared and asked for me or enquired about me, however, it doesn’t seem that it was out of friendship that they waited until now .
“Have all the teachers seen the signed proving that Arnos is the demon king of tyranny?” (Sasha)
“All the trustworthy teachers have been told and I signed it in front of them . Because Eldomade already knew Arnos-sama I gave him a copy . ” (Melheys)
There’s nothing wrong with proving I’m the demon king of tyranny now .
“When you met Eldomade had his body already been taken over by Nousgalia?” (Arnos)
“… . I’m sorry but unfortunately I couldn’t tell……” (Melheys)
Oh well . Never mind it can’t be helped .
“I tried to tell Arnos-sama through even though it might be monitored but I couldn’t find you or your magic power . ” (Melheys)
“Aah sorry . I was absorbed in rebuilding the underground dungeon . I haven’t even told Elio yet . I had to create it in secret because I didn’t want people to find out and think someone had broken into the underground dungeon and cause a fuss . ” (Arnos)
“… . . Then don’t go sneaking off and making something outrageous then… . . ” Sasha muttered to herself .
“It might not be related to Nousgalia but there’s something else I’d like to mention . ” (Melheys)
“What?” (Arnos)
“I quickly informed the unification faction that Arnos-sama was the demon king of tyranny and just now I received a message from the head of the Unificationists, the Founder . ” (Melheys)
Fumu . The mysterius mazoku that not even Melheys has met .
“And?” (Arnos)
“They said that they were a mazoku from 2000 years ago . ” (Melheys)
I see . This could explain why they were not able to appear .
“Their name?” (Arnos)
“The right hand of the demon king of tyranny Shin Reglia . ” (Melheys)
Shin huh?
Did his reincarnation go well? Apparently, he has his memories back .
“He is in the great spirit forest Ahartherun . Apparently, all your former followers have been waiting there for your reincarnation . ” (Melheys)
He stayed away from Deiruheido so that I wouldn’t notice him, however, the matter with Avos Dillheavia has already been settled .
“Why hasn’t he appeared?” (Arnos)
“He said some circumstances were stopping him from moving and that he awaits you in Ahartherun . ” (Melheys)
Shin has never asked me to go to him before . Even if the gods were standing in his way, that man would come to me himself, even if he had to cut them down .
What are these serious circumstances that stop him from moving?
“……Ahartherun… . . ” Misa muters to herself .
She looks down . Is she worried about the great spirit Reno?
“That half-demon sword the subordinate of the curse king had . ” (Ray)
Ray picked up the half-sword with no tip with a serious look on his face .
Misa’s father was supposed to have the other half .
“When you look into its abyss you can see its original appearance . ” (Ray)
I turn my demon eyes to the sword Ray’s holding .
“Fumu . I see . You can’t understand with just half but when both are gathered you can . Even then you have to have seen the sword before . ” (Arnos)
Ray walks over to the plinth that contains the other half of the sword and pulls it out before pushing the 2 halves together . The next moment both swords are wrapped in a black light .
The 2 halves unite and its shape distorts before forming its true appearance of a curved sword .
“I see . The plunder sword Gilionojes” (Arnos)
A unique sword that only Shin used .