Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 124

Chapter 124
“I’ve only seen it a few times in the past 2,000 years, but this demon sword belongs to Shin Reglia, right?” (Ray)
I nodded at Ray’s question .
“No doubt about it . ” (Arnos)
“So this Shin Reglia founded the unification faction and is also Misa’s father?” (Sasha)
Sasha’s face had a thoughtful look on it .
“… . . I was told that my father was a mazoku and a member of the royal faction ruling somewhere in Deiruheido… . . ” Misa mutters almost to herself .
That’s what she’s been taught up to now .
“It’s possible you were lied to . Any mazoku from 2000 years ago couldn’t appear before me when I reincarnated . It’s possible that if you’d been told I could have found out about it . If you were simply told that he was one of the demon emperors ruling from somewhere then he had an excuse not to see you . ” (Arnos)
“Then this person was a close aide of Arnos-sama… . . ?” (Misa)
“We don’t know if its Shin yet . ” (Arnos)
“But the demon sword that Misa’s father gave her was this Shin fellows sword right? Plus being the head of the unification faction would be for Misa’s sake wouldn’t it?” (Sasha)
Misa is a mixed blood . It’s natural to think that he formed the Unification faction for his daughter’s sake, even if he didn’t show up so that she could live in a slightly better society .
“The curse king had the other half . ” (Misha)
“Ah… . . yeah…… That would mean that Shin was a subordinate of the curse king and tried to kill Misa wh—” (Sasha)
Sasha stops herself halfway through and looks apologetically at Misa .
“It’s possible it was stolen . Look, Shin can’t move from Ahartherun, right? It’s possible he’s fighting the four wicked royals and that’s what’s keeping him from moving . The curse king could have simply stolen the other half and used it this time . ” (Eleonor)
“Makes sense . ” (Misha)
“It makes sense but it’s hard to believe . ” (Ray)
“Fumu . I’m in agreement with Ray . ” (Arnos)
“Errm, why can’t you believe it?” (Eleonor)
“2000 years ago Shin Reglia was the mazoku’s strongest swordsman . I can’t believe anyone could steal his sword from him . Especially a sword so important it could expose his daughter to danger . ” (Ray)
Sasha objected to Ray’s words .
“But the four wicked royals are second only to the demon king right? Based on the current situation, they’re probably fighting together, so no matter how much of a close aide he was to Arnos, it wouldn’t be surprising if he lost at least one sword, right?” (Sasha)
“I’ve fought the four wicked royals myself . I don’t think even if the four of them joined forces they could beat Shin Reglia . ” (Ray)
“Haaaa!?” Sasha lets out a surprised voice . “The four wicked royals are called that because they’re strong right? You’re saying even if they fought as one they’d lose?” (Sasha)
“Do you honestly think any of my trusted aides would be inferior to any mazoku that weren’t under my command?” (Arnos)
Sasha’s eyes opened wide and her mouth fell open in amazement .
“… . . Why didn’t this person become one of the wicked royals then?” (Sasha)
“He was always a man without ambition . He worshipped strength and dedicated his life to the sword . He and Ray will get along well . ” (Arnos)
Sasha looked at Ray with an expression that says “that’s you . ”
Ray just returned his refreshing smile .
“… . . What does this mean then… . ?” Misa says in an uneasy voice .
“I don’t believe Shin has any hostility towards me . In the unlikely event that the sword was stolen then there’s 2 possibilities . The first one is we are dealing with an enemy stronger than any of the four wicked royals . ” (Arnos)
“Gods?” (Misha)
“The fire death king has been taken over by Nousgalia . It’s no wonder the four wicked royals attacked at the same time if they were guided by him . ” (Arnos)
It makes sense that the three subordinates of the four wicked royals went out of their way to say they smelled the presence of the child of god under my command if they were fighting together .
Actually, if they hadn’t said that then there would have been no way I’d have agreed to Zeke’s battle of wits .
“What’s the other one?” (Sasha)
“Shin might not have regained his full power after reincarnating” (Arnos)
If that’s the case then it makes sense that the sword was stolen from him . The thing is, Shin’s no fool . If that was the case he’d have taken the appropriate precautions though you could argue it could have been something that Shin couldn’t have foreseen .
“I’ll tell you one thing though . ” I address everyone in the room . “The advisor to the fire death king says that the child of god is one of my subordinates . ” (Arnos)
Eleonor, Misha and Sasha all look like they have thoughts on the matter .
“The subordinate of the scarlet monument king said that the child of god is a vessel made by the gods . ” (Arnos)
Eleonor protectively holds Zeshia in her arms and because Eleonor seemed troubled Zeshia started patting Eleonor on the head .
“The subordinate of the dark king said that the gods interfered with and gave birth to Misha . Also—” (Arnos)
Sasha looked uncomfortable while Misha spoke .
“……I was able to create Derugozedo with creation magic… . . ” (Misha)
“Demon eyes of creation . Just by looking you can create what you are thinking of . It’s easy to reproduce something as long as you’ve got a good image of it . ” (Arnos)
Misha looks at me expressionlessly but I can see that a hint of anxiety has broken through .
“Don’t worry about it . It doesn’t make you the child of god and I’ve destroyed gods before anyway . It’s hardly surprising that you who excels at creation magic can create a castle with the power of a god . ” (Arnos)
Misha just blinks at me a few times .
“Also, that Deruzogedo wasn’t a very powerful god of destruction . It was an imitation god . To do it properly you have to look deep into the abyss and create its order right from the beginning . ” (Arnos)
“……Why has this turned into a magic lecture… . . ?” (Sasha)
Sasha complained but Misha smiled in relief .
“I’ll do my best . ” (Misha)
Nevertheless, in terms of power alone, Misha is the closest thing to a child of god right now .
I’ll have to keep my eye on her for a while .
“Also, 2000 years ago Nousgalia targeted the great spirit Reno to be the womb that would give birth to the child of god . ” (Arnos)
“Eeh… . ?” (Misa)
Misa looked at me in surprise .
She was probably surprised to find out she could also be the child of god .
“Of course this whole thing could be a lie . They could be trying to get me to keep my eyes on you all while they wake up another person somewhere else that’s the child of god . ” (Arnos)
In the end, the only thing I could properly confirm was that they wanted to kill Melheys .
We’ve got some information but we still don’t know a great deal .
“What are you going to do?” (Melheys)
“I’m going to Ahartherun . The great spirit Reno should be there and the quickest way to find out if Misa is the child of god is to ask Reno directly . ” (Arnos)
I’ve also got news about Shin . I can’t not go .
“……That’s going to be a bit difficult though isn’t it?” (Ray)
Misha tilted her head to one side .
“Why?” (Misha)
“The great spirit forest is hard to find for one thing . ” (Ray)
“But you’ve been there before haven’t you Arnos? Can’t we just use ?” (Sahsa)
“Ahartherun is not a place but a spirit . ” (Arnos)
“A spirit? Even though its a forest?” (Sahsa)
“The great spirit forest of Ahartherun was created by myths, rumours and folklore of a mysterious forest inhabited by the spirits . The forest is alive and is always moving . It can’t be seen by the naked eye and because it doesn’t have any magic you can’t see it using your demon eyes either . ” (Arnos)
“How can a forest move but not be visible to the naked eye?” (Sasha)
“Like I said, Ahartherun is a mysterious forest created by legends and myths . It appears out of fog and disappears into fog . There are also conditions to entering the forest but they change depending on the current rumour . The last time I entered the rumour was that you could only enter at midnight while there was a hazy moon and fog drifted along the shores of lake Seimei . At that point, if you offered a light blue candy to the air a mischievous fairy would appear and lead you to the forest . ” (Arnos)
“Wow . It’s like a fairy tale . ” Eleonor said happily .
“But that rumour is from 2000 years ago isn’t it?” (Sasha)
“Yeah . It’ll be different now . ” (Arnos)
“So we have to start listening to rumours? What a pain… . . ” (Sasha)
“How did you create then if it moves around?” (Misha)
“With the help of the great spirit Reno I created it directly inside Ahartherun . Even if they found the forest it wouldn’t let anyone in . ” (Arnos)
As well as how to get in the entire home of the spirits is made up of rumours and traditions . With the help of Reno, I divided the world by building the wall inside it .
“It’s going to be hard to find Ahartherun especially since we can’t take our eyes off Nousgalia isn’t it?”(Ray)
“It’s also not desirable for you to be separated from Misa-sama, Zeshia-sama, Misha-sama and Sasha-sama my lord in case someone targets them as the child of god . ” (Melheys)
“Even if me and Eleonor stay here we don’t have the same demon eyes as Arnos . It’s going to be difficult to completely keep an eye on Nousgalia . Even if it’s you Arnos you can’t fully grasp the situation in Deruzogedo from Ahartherun can you?” (Ray)
“You’re right . ” (Arnos)
The farther away you are the less accurate demon eyes are . This is handing Nousgalia the perfect opportunity to take advantage of .
“It could be this is what they want . By thinking the child of god is one of my subordinates it makes it harder for us to act separately . ” (Arnos)
“Do you think the real goal is to let Shin fall while he’s trapped in Ahartherun?” (Ray)
“It’s a possibility . ” (Arnos)
Fumu . It’s getting harder to move around that’s for certain .
“Errm, so what do we do now? Is it best for me and Kanon to go to Ahartherun?” (Eleonor)
“No . ” (Arnos)
Ray and Eleonor are a force to be reckoned with but if it’s something that’s giving Shin trouble then I’m not optimistic about their chances .
“We’ll all go . ” (Arnos)
“But who will keep an eye on Nousgalia then?” (Sasha)
I grin at Sasha .
“I said all of us and I meant all of us . I’ll have him guide us to Ahartherun . ” (Arnos)
Everyone in the room and not just Sasha gives me a questioning look .
“How?” (Sasha)
“What do you mean how? It’s easy . Gods keep their promises with people and Nousgalia promised to be a teacher at this school . He can’t disobey an order if it’s for his job . ” (Arnos)
“Ah!” Sasha raised her voice as she noticed .
“Our next class will be an expedition exam to Ahartherun . ” (Arnos)