Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 125

Chapter 125
The next day in the second training grounds of Deruzogedo……………… .
The bell signalling the start of lessons rings out .
“Right, let’s begin the class . Though it’s short notice I believe that you all had an owl visit you yesterday and inform you of the Ahartherun expedition test today . I’ll be supervising the test myself . It’s a rare thing for a god to get involved in such mundane matters so all of you should be thankful and worship me . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia puts on an arrogant expression .
You can easily guess what the student’s reaction will be .
“… . What’s with this sudden expedition exam?……… . It’s really sloppy……” A student from the royal faction expressed his discontent .
Perhaps it was because they had just been through a painful experience yesterday, but they didn’t have the guts to complain directly to Nousgalia so they muttered it with voice was so faint that no one could hear them .
Or so they thought anyway . I could hear them .
Perhaps they thought it was some minor way of keeping their pride but they are too naïve .
“That man over there . Do you have some dissatisfaction?” (Nousgalia)
Surprised he’d been heard the student shrank into himself .
“… . No… . . Nothing at all…… . ”
“Haha . ” Nousgalia laughs at the student . “God’s hearing is absolute . Did you really think you could get away with such a sloppy lie right in front of me?” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia glares at the student and he shrinks back even more .
“Don’t get carried away just because you are under the protection of the demon lord of tyranny . I have many ways of tormenting you that won’t cause any injury at all . ” (Nousgalia)
The student looks at Nousgalia with a frightened look .
“This I declare in the name of God . I’m lowering your grades for talking in class . ” (Nousgalia)
“… . Wha…… . !?”
“If you want to be promoted again then you should obediently worship me . ” (Nousgalia)
The student couldn’t say anything else apart from “I understand . ”
“…He’s always talking about god this and god that but isn’t the scale getting smaller and smaller?” Sasha mutters .
*Kukuku* I let out an unintentional chuckle .
“He’s probably judged that as long as it’s within the scope of teaching he won’t be disturbed by me . Either that or he’s actually serious about being a teacher . ” (Arnos)
“Did you not hear me Demon Lord of Tyranny? If you talk too much your grades will suffer . ” (Nousgalia)
A sharp look comes my way from the podium .
“Fumu . My bad . I’ll be more careful . ” (Arnos)
Nousgalia easily withdrew and continued with the lesson . Not that there’s a lot he can do as in incomplete god in that body anyway .
“Now then . Let me grant wisdom to all you who are ignorant . Considering your levels I also think that this expedition is too sudden, however, this test came straight from the top of the school so my thoughts on it are irrelevant . Putting aside the hierarchy flaws in this demon king academy I’m appalled at your attempts to place this blame on one teacher . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia made it clear it was not his fault . This was the only way he could protect the dignity of God .
“With your current strength and wisdom non of you apart from the Arnos team can reach Ahartherun . As it stands this test is terminally flawed, however, God is absolute . No matter how despotic those bosses above are there will be no failure in this classroom . ” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia spreads his hands in an exaggerated manner .
“Let God’s blessing be on you all . ” (Nousgalia)
A glittering light covers all the students before quickly disappearing into their bodies .
“To arrive at Ahartherun power, wisdom and luck is needed . I have granted God’s luck to those of you lacking in wisdom and power . Your fates are now connected to Ahartherun . Now even you ignorant people are qualified to go to the Great Spirit Forest . ” (Nousgalia)
I check with my demon eyes but it’s not a problematic magic .
He’s not lying . It really is something that increases your luck .
To go to these lengths just to make the class look good is very much something the gods would do .
They defend order and the dignity of the gods is part of that .
“As you’ve already been informed by the owls Ahartherun is a spirit . It is constantly moving around the world and was created by myths and legends as the home of the spirits that appears and disappears in a mist . Where it is now will be determined by the current rumours and hearsay . ” Nousgalia explains in a rich sonorous voice .
“However, as it currently stands even if you went looking for a hundred years it wouldn’t be enough . Therefore I will grant you more wisdom . ” Nousgalia’s voice turns solemn .
“Northwest of Midheys is the vast Risharis grasslands that surround the city of Zehenburg . When a mysterious fog rolls in a mischievous spirit appears lurking inside it . If you make them laugh they will reveal themselves to you and lead you to Ahartherun . ” (Nousgalia)
Mischievous spirits? Must be the fairy Titi .
“I shall be waiting for you all at the Risharis grasslands . The time limit is 10 days . If you haven’t made it by then you won’t be able to attend the class after the expedition . Try your hardest everyone . ” (Nousgalia)
The magic circle for forms at this feet and he disappears .
“I didn’t expect the heavenly father to tell us so much . ” (Ray)
“I honestly don’t understand the God tribe . He went to the trouble of becoming a teacher because he wants to do something in this school but he’s honestly doing this expedition test . ” Sasha has an amazed look on her face as she speaks .
“It is keeping him away from Deruzogedo for the duration of the exam though . ” Eleonor says while holding up her index finger . “And it’s keeping him near to Arnos-kun . ” (Eleonor)
It’s as she says . Since he is up to something at least he’s within my sight while I’m in Ahartherun .
“Should we go to the Risharis grasslands?” Misha asks when suddenly
“—Damn iiiiit!!”
A desk was kicked away with a thud by the royal student Nousgalia put down earlier .
“What! Who’s under the protection of the demon king of tyranny!! I don’t need you to protect me . I don’t approve of this!! Who the hell recognizes this guy!! Whooo!!”
The white-clothed students looked at the rampaging man and backed away .
“Poor guy……” someone muttered .
“Ahhhh!?” The royal student shouted out in rage . “Oi! Who said that? Are you feeling sorry for me? You’re nothing! You’re not a noble! Do you still believe that crap! The demon lord of tyranny is Avos Dillheavia-sama!! Were you there at the war!?”
The students avert their eyes from him .
“… . Let’s go . ”
“… . . Yeah . ”
The white clothes ignore the man and leave the classroom to start the exam .
“… . Oi…… . What are you looking at Arnos……?”
The man focuses on me trying to pick a fight and Sasha starts to intervene but I tell her it’s fine .
Sasha steps back behind me with her dissatisfaction evident on her face .
“What? You may have gained the favour of the old seven demon emperors but who the hell are you to pretend to be the demon king? Haa!? You’re a misfit! It’s ridiculous!!”
“I’ve already told you all it’s your choice whether to believe it or not . ” (Arnos)
“And I’m saying I don’t like it . You looking down on us! If you’re the demon lord of tyranny then kill me! Hey! I said kill me!! You can’t do it can you? Aah? Aaaah!?”
I stare coldly at him and he stiffens his whole body as if bracing himself .
“Does trash like you really think you are worth this ones time?” (Arnos)
The royal looks at me in frustration and bites his lip .
“How long are you going to throw a childish tantrum in front of me? No one is bothered about you . Why would the demon king of tyranny give you special treatment? Killing you as a miserable wretch will not make you a hero either . You are nothing but a mere mazoku that can be found anywhere . ” (Arnos)
His face took on a hopeless expression and he looked like he was about to burst into tears .
“If you want to die then do it on your own . Decide your death with your own will . It’s nothing but a bother to have to have someone else despairing life in my hands . ” (Arnos)
“… . . I…… . ”
With no words to reply with the man just looked down .
“Soon word about the demon king of tyranny will spread throughout Deiruheido . ” (Arnos)
The man twitched at my words .
“I’m not kind enough to save a spoilt child . Suffer as you will until you realise that all your pain is caused by your old self . ” (Arnos)
Leaving the broken man behind I head to a corner of the classroom .
As I head over I hear the broken words of someone unable to face reality .
“… . Definitely… . . You weren’t there…… Avos Dillheavia…… Definitely…… . ”
Without caring in the slightest I look at the girls from the fan union .
“Hmmmm…… Which route is the closest… . ?”
“It’s no further than Azeshion and there’s not much danger so this route is probably the best… . . ?”
“But it’s an expedition exam right?”
The girls had an opened map in front of them and were trying to find the best way to get to the Risharis grasslands .
“You don’t need that map . You can come with us to the Risharis grasslands . ” (Arnos)
When I spoke the girls turned around startled .
“What? Errrm?”
“But… . . ”
“Is that okay!?”
The girls looked at me with a mixture of anticipation and surprise .
“Because your power may be necessary . ” (Arnos)
When I held out my hand the girls gasped then quickly reined themselves in and gave guarded looks at each other .
For some reason, the air suddenly felt like conflict could kick off at any minute .
“……Okay? Eight parts . Eight equal parts right?”
“I know…… . !”
“But we can choose the part we want right?”
I have absolutely no idea what they are on about .
The girls watched each other to see what they would do .
A few seconds later one of them stepped forward boldly .
“Yes! Me! Me! Thumb!”
“Then little finger!”
“Middle finger is good!”
“Ring fingeeeeer!!!”
“Back of the hand! No one touches that part often so it’s definitely valuable!”
“You guys forgot the wrist!”
The girls gathered around my hand with exquisite positioning and grabbed my hand .
“What are you doing?” I asked Sasha and the others who were looking at us with opened mouths and blank stares .
“What are we doing? Were dumbfounded that’s what…… . ” (Sasha)
Sasha comes over and takes my hand .
The others come over and take each other’s hands . Misha takes Sasha’s other hand while Zeshia takes Misha’s other hand and so on .
“Let’s go . ” (Arnos)
I check everyone’s together and cast .