Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 126

As the white-washed landscape regained its colour, I saw a row of red-earth coloured brick houses in front of me. I wonder if it’s the climate or the culture, but in this capital, it’s customary to build with bricks.
“Eh? This isn’t a meadow.” Eleonor looks around with curiosity.
“Where… this……?” Zeshia asks looking up at me.
“The capital of Zehenburg.” (Arnos)
“Wasn’t the entrance to Ahartherun in the Risharis meadow?” Sasha asks while looking around in interest.
“Do you remember the rumour that Nousgalia mentioned?” (Arnos)
“Errm let’s see. A mysterious fog hangs over the vast Risharis meadow that surrounds the city of Zehenburg and inside it, a mischievous spirit lurks. If you make them laugh, they will instantly reveal themselves and lead the way to Ahartherun, right?” (Sasha)
I nod
“That information alone is not enough to get us into Ahartherun.” (Arnos)
“No mention of conditions for fog.” Misha says while looking at me with her usual cold eyes.
“Aah. I guess he left it out because it wouldn’t be an exam if they taught you everything.” (Arnos)
“Looking for the fog rumour?” (Misha)
“Indeed. If there is a rumour about a mysterious fog that hangs over the Risharis Meadow then it is natural to assume that it is spreading in the capital of Zehenburg, which is the closest place to it. If we ask around we are sure to find someone who knows about it.” (Arnos)
We have God’s luck as well so it shouldn’t be too hard.
“Should we split up and ask around then?” (Sasha)
Usually, it’s not a good idea to be separated but it’s not a problem in this city.
A quick check with my demon eyes shows that Nousgalia is behaving himself in the Risharis meadow.
Even if enemies show up they won’t be an issue.
“Should we divide into four groups? Ray and Misa can take the north side of town. Eleonor and Zeshia take the east and fan union try the west. Well, I say that but don’t be too concerned about staying in the area. Misha and Sahsa, you can come with me.” (Arnos)
I cast on everyone so I could see what they were seeing.
“We’re off then.” Ray and Misa wave and leave.
“We’re going to ask around about the mysterious fog Zeshia. Understand?” (Eleonor)
“…..Ask……around…… Do you know about the mysterious fog?” (Zeshia)
“Uh-huh, like that. That’s great.” (Eleonor)
They both set off with Eleonor running practise questions by Zeshia.
“We’re off too, Arnos-sama!”
“I’m pretty sure there’s a Unification branch in this city, so let’s go there.”
“They said in a previous correspondence that they wanted a picture of Arnos-sama, so I’m sure we’ll get whatever information we need in exchange.”
“If that doesn’t work, I can always read this book about the saga of Arnos-sama to them…….”
“Isn’t that book heavily dramatised? Would that be okay?”
“This is the beginners one. You won’t be embarrassed showing this to anyone.”
“Can I see it?”
“Kyaaa! Ecchi!”
“What the hell are you writing!? Which part is for beginners!? Show me!”
The fan union left in a cloud of noise.
“Arnos book?” Misha tilts her head to one side.
“You are someone who doesn’t need to know anything about that for as long as you live Misha.” (Sasha)
Misha and Sasha line up on either side of me.
“Nee. If you’re coming with us does that mean you think one of us is most likely the child of God?” (Sasha)
“Not particularly and there’s not much to choose between you. Misha created the power of a pseudo god and your demon eyes have the potential of looking even further into the abyss than they can now.”
We talked as we walked and Sahsa looked like she wanted to say something further but she shut her mouth.
“If I’m the child of God.” Misha stares darkly at the ground while talking “and my orders are to destroy Arnos. Then I’m ready” she says matter of factly.
Sasha turns to me.
“It’s not like Misha and I are going to give up anytime soon. But if it turns out there’s nothing I can do about it, I’ll return the life you gave me there.” (Sasha)
*Kuhaha* I laughed
“We’re serious you know.” (Sasha)
“I know and that’s why I laughed.” (Arnos)
Sasha pouts a little dissatisfied.
“Why?” (Misha)
“Did you honestly think I’d forgotten the wishes you made that day.” (Arnos)
Misha and Sasha fall silent at my words
“Let’s say Misha was born with God’s intention to destroy me, and you were caught up in that unreasonableness. Misha grew up as a child that didn’t exist and Sasha continued to be heartbroken by it, however, finally, these last three months both of you have been able to laugh.” (Arnos)
I stop walking so I can impart my words to them clearly.
“You think I’m going to destroy that? Don’t make me laugh. I’m not going to spare a single thought on who should be destroyed.” (Arnos)
I open both my hands and offer them to the girls.
“I told you. I will destroy the unreasonable things that stand in your way. If God brings tragedy to you, I will destroy him. If the order of this world is the source of tragedy, then I will destroy that order.” (Arnos)
Misha and Sasha stare at my offered hands.
Take my hand if you believe in me more than God.” (Arnos)
Without hesitation, they both take my hands.
“Don’t ever let go of me. As long as you hold my hand, I will always save you, no matter what happens.” (Arnos)
Misha nods.
“I’ll never let go.” (Misha)
Sasha looks straight at me.
“I promise too.” (Sasha)
I laugh again.
“Good answer. Don’t forget it.” (Arnos)
I let go of their hands and we begin walking again.
After walking for a while we hear an angry voice.
“You’re a little girl! I don’t know if you’re an informant or what, but don’t interfere with our business by spreading bad rumours about us!!”
I looked over and saw a small man who looked like a merchant, accompanied by several stern men, who had kicked a girl to the floor.
Her clear light blue hair was peeking out from the hood she wore.
“It’s your own fault that bad rumours are spreading. You’re running a scam-like business, and it’s wrong because it’s always cheating travellers…….” (girl)
The girl put her hands on the ground while firmly replying.
Hearing this, the merchant’s eyes peeled back in anger.
“You bitch! Oi! You’ll pay for that. I’ll make sure you never show your face again.”
The people passing by looked at them for a moment to see what the commotion was about, but they turned their gazes away, not wanting to get involved, and quickly left the place.
Apparently, they have a bad reputation in this town but more importantly, did he say informant?
“I guess that good luck just kicked in.” (Arnos)
“Eh…….?” (Sasha)
I walked over to the merchant while Sasha looked at me blankly.
“I think that’s far enough. If you are a merchant, go and engage in business. There is no money to be made by kicking those who have no will to fight.” (Arnos)
The merchant looked at me sullenly as I stood between him and the girl.
“Who the hell are you? Do you know this informant?” (merchant)
“No. It’s just that your behaviour is unbearable to watch.” (Arnos)
“Hahaha. Since you don’t know me you must be a visitor here. Just so you know that girl is a liar. After all, she’s a ridiculous fraud who claims to have seen a forest that doesn’t exist. I don’t know if it’s Ahartherun or what but no one’s ever seen it.” (merchant)
The girl glares at the merchant.
“Ahartherun exits. You just don’t believe it.” (girl)
Fumu. Ahartherun on the first try. We’ve got a winner somehow.
“Did you hear that? I don’t think it’s a good idea to be on the side of this lying girl. I won’t say anything more so just get the hell out of here.” (merchant)
“Sorry but I have business with that girl. You should disappear.” (Arnos)
The merchant was momentarily taken aback by my words.
“What’s the matter? Walk away now, and I’ll let you off the hook.” (Arnos)
“……Tch….. that’s why these travellers are…… Such a pain. I’ll tell you abut the customs of this town.” (merchant)
His group of thugs surround me.
“Sorry about this but you’ll going to break a bone or two.”
“In this town, we have our own customs.”
“We won’t kill you as long as you don’t resist.”
They all raise their voices at me.
*Kuku* *Kukukuku* *Kuhahahahaha*
These guys are the weakest people I’ve fought since I reincarnated.
What are they even doing with this much magic power? It’s so low it feels like dust.
“What the hell you laughing a—”
“Kuhahaha” (Arnos)
My laughter which I embued with magic power echoed in the air, swirling and blasting the three men about a hundred meters away.
“Urg…. ah….. Geeeeh!?”
The merchant’s eyes widened, his nostrils flared, and his mouth gaped so wide that his jaw looked like it could touch the floor. He looked on at the scene with a look of utter astonishment.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You said something so funny I couldn’t help but laugh. (Arnos)
“……. A laugh….. flew away…….No, their whole bodies……” (merhcant)
The merchant could barely speak.
“….Yo….yo…, what the hell are you guys doing!? Get up! Were gonna finish him off….!!” (merchant)
The thugs who fell down didn’t move an inch though the merchant raised his voice at them. I don’t think they’ll wake up for two or three days.
“Now then. You said you were going to teach me the customs of this city? (Arnos)
The merchant backed away at my words.
“…..Please…… For today…… With this” (merchant)
With an overwhelmingly quick change of attitude, the merchant took out dozens of gold coins from his pocket.
“Hou? Is that okay?” (Arnos)
The merchant gave me an ingratiating smile
“Hehehe. Money is the key that opens all doors. You can do anything in this world as long as you have money. If you want you can be my bodyguard mister. With your skills this much is nothing.” (merchant)
“I think you’ve got the wrong idea.” (Arnos)
“Eh?” (merchant)
I drew a magic formation on the merchant who had a dumb look on his face.
Once complete it was quickly absorbed into his body and almost immediately the gold coins in his hands began to crumble and rot away.
“….Eh… Geeeh!! What the hell…..!!?” (merchant)
“I’ve cursed you. You will never be able to touch money again.” (Arnos)
“….Wha….what are you talking about!? That’s ridiculous…….!!” (merchant)
The merchants face flickers between different emotions as he takes more gold coins out of his pocket but every time he holds a gold coin in his hand, it crumbles to pieces.
“……Crumbling…. My money…….. crumbling…… my money is crumbling….. crumbling….. crumbling!!” (merchant)
The merchants face turned pale as all his gold crumbled away.
I guess he’s calculated what his future life will be like.
“Don’t be so depressed. I’ve got something good to tell you.” (Arnos)
The merchant looks at me with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
“Money isn’t the world.”