Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 130

The fairies were flying around the classroom in a panic.
“Has a spirit spirited them away?” (Arnos)
The Titi fly up to my face as I ask the question.
“Yes. The spirit of spiriting away.”
“A wolf.”
“It has wings.”
“It hides everything.”
“It’s called the Hiden Wolf Gennuru.”
So there is a spirit born from the rumours and legends of people being spirited away. Why did it take my subordinates though?
“Have they really been spirited away?” Eleonor asks curiously. “It’s just that this Eniyunien tree is very big. Couldn’t they just be somewhere else?” (Eleonor)
The Titi all shake their heads.
“Not lying.”
“Titi never lie.”
“Sometimes we do.”
“Not now though.”
Fumu. Can’t say I’m filled with confidence at their words.
“Go looking?” (Misha)
Misha stares at me with her cold eyes.
“I guess.” (Arnos)
I can sense magic power in this huge tree. Even if they’ve been moved elsewhere they haven’t disappeared.
“We’re in trouble!”
“It’s here.”
The Titi shivered in unison and looked at the entrance. They’re frightened of what’s behind it.
“What’s coming?” (Arnos)
“Bad children.”
“Bad students.”
“Four evil royals!”
The Titi quickly flew away from the door and huddled in a corner of the classroom.
“Well, well, well.” A voice echoed from the other side of the door. “I thought the Titis were being unusually noisy but it seems we have a rare guest.”
A man wearing flashy clothes and a large hat entered the room. Though if you were being precise you can’t tell it’s a man from his appearance alone. His face is almost completely flat and featureless while his body looks like gel in the shape of a man.
Fumu. This is a nostalgic sight.
“I didn’t expect to see you here Scarlet Monument King.” (Arnos)
*Fufufu* the scarlet monument king lets out a laugh.
“I didn’t expect to see you here either. Why are you here Demon King?” (SMK)
What a shameless guy.
“Fumu. This is certainly a coincidence, however, did you really not expect to see me again after you messed with my subordinates? I see that you are still talking nonsense, even after all this time.” (Arnos)
I glare at Gilisris who’s gel-like face distorts into what could be a wry smile. He’s completely mocking me.
“….Aah.” He speaks up like he’s just remembered something. “That? That wasn’t my intention you know? There was a lot of noise coming from the top.” (Gilisris)
Eleonor’s face looked both offended and angry.
“Your adjutant did some terrible things. He said he was going to study me and Zeshia.” (Eleonor)
“What terrible things? Because I’m being made to do things I don’t want to do thanks to orders from above, I at least want to get some research materials. Isn’t that just common sense?” (Gilisirs)
“I don’t accept your common sense. Because you treat people like research materials Ledoriano-kun and the others went through awful experiences.” (Eleonor)
“There are always sacrifices attached to magic research. Everyone will die and fade away eventually anyway so why not have them become part of the foundations of magic?” (Gilisris)
“…….Nothing you just said makes any sense.” (Eleonor)
*Fufufu* The scarlet monument king lets out an eerie laugh.
“Yare yare, you really are an imbecile. I don’t think we can get along. As expected from the demon kings magic.” (Gilisris)
It doesn’t look like the scarlet monument king is going to fight Eleonor as he brushes her statement off.
“Fumu. I don’t see you working under another mazoku though.” (Arnos)
“It’s been 2000 years. Nothing stays the same Demon King. Because you leisurely took your time reincarnating over 2000 years you now can’t keep up with the times.” (Gilisris)
His voice is loaded with sarcasm which I took absolutely no notice of.
“Who’s at the top then Scarlet Monument King?” (Arnos)
“You’ll find out by yourself. I told you 2000 years ago I hate you. You’re a lazy guy who is fascinated by magic but doesn’t want to contribute to the advancement of magic. Just looking at your face repulses me.” (Gilisris)
“Why don’t you try and take my origin right here and now then? You’ve spent the last 2000 years preparing, haven’t you? Or have the times changed that much your nature has changed too?” (Arnos)
When I provoked him magic formations appeared in his eyes. He’s invoked his demon eyes.
“That also isn’t a bad idea.” (Gilisris)
Gilisris’ whole body glowed with a black light. His gelatinous body was magically altered by himself to make it easier for the magic emanating from his origin to pass through it. The particles of magic power run through his whole body, increasing the efficiency of magic power and making it easier to use.
“Come at me then Demon King Arnos. In the past 2000 years, this one has surpassed thee. Thy magic is nought but an outdated antique and this one will remind thee of that.” (Gilisris)
The black glow increases and he takes up a fighting stance.
Something is strange. There’s no sign at all that he’s going to attack us.
“What’s the matter? Getting scared?” (Gilisris)
“What are you actually after Scarlet Monument King?” (Arnos)
Gilisris’ face grimaced.
“You’re not the type of man who would challenge me head on. Instead of saying come at me, you would normally set up a trap.” (Arnos)
For some reason, he’s trying to make me make the first move. In other words, the trap is already set.
“How shrewd.” (Gilisris)
His whole body returned to its normal colour again as he relaxed his magic.
“Fumu. What are you after?” (Arnos)
“You’ll find out soon enough anyway, so I might as well tell you. While inside the great tree Eniyunien you have to follow the rules of the school. If you enter this place it means you’ve enrolled in the school and you can’t leave until you graduate.” (Gilisris)
I see.
“In other words, if I don’t follow the rules of this school and harm others, I won’t be allowed to leave?” (Arnos)
Gilisris neither confirms nor denies my statement and says
“It’s vexing that I can’t take your origin but I’ll get another chance. Something for you to look forward to.” (Gilisris)
“I don’t mean to rain on your parade Scarlet Monument King but aren’t you stuck here as well? Isn’t that pretty dumb?” (Arnos)
*Fufufu* (Gilisris)
“The great tree Eniyunien is a great place to study magic. I’m here because of that. I don’t want to be lumped together with the thoughtless thou.” (Gilisris)
Having said his piece, Gilisris walks past me and takes a seat at the front of the classroom.
“Arnos.” Ray comes over to my side. “Could this be what Nousgalia was after?” (Ray)
Ray was whispering to me while looking at Nousgalia who was standing behind us.
“Locking me up in the spirit academy?” (Arnos)
“Maybe he’s planning to do something in the meantime.” (Ray)
“But then, wouldn’t he be trapped right now, too?” (Sasha)
“Well, Ray does have a point. Maybe they’re just pretending to be trapped in here with us to catch us off guard.” (Arnos)
I look over at the scarlet monument king. He hasn’t shown any interest in Nousgalia, but considering what happened earlier, I don’t think it’s unrelated.
In the first place, Nousgalia’s body belongs to the fire death king Eldomade, one of the four evil kings.
It would be unnatural for them not to respond at all.
There’s a good chance that he’s in contact with Nousgalia, although he may be planning something else that he hasn’t revealed yet.
Whatever’s going on, it’s still more convenient to have both of them here with me.
I was told that I wouldn’t be able to leave without graduating, but I was able to get in. If I can get in then there’s no reason I can’t get out if I want to.
Anyway, first things first. I need to find my subordinates that have mysteriously disappeared. Especially Shin.
I’m also curious about the great spirit Reno. I wonder if the spirit king will be willing to talk to me about it.
“What shall we do?” Misha asks looking up at me.
“Let’s start by looking in the other rooms. Some of my subordinates might be in them.” (Arnos)
I head for the doorway but stop in front of it.
“What’s wrong? Ehh……..?” (Sasha)
Sasha looked around me and stared in amazement.
Where the doorway had been earlier was now just a smooth part of the tree.