Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 131

The sound of bells rings out.
“The class is starting”
“The class is about to begin.”
“You can’t leave while in class.”
The titis flew around the class chattering away.
“Fumu. So that’s why the entrance disappeared?” (Arnos)
“But we don’t have time for classes, do we?” (Sasha)
Ray stepped in front of the doorway that had been turned into a wall.
“Let’s give it a try.” (Ray)
Ray draws a magic circle and takes out the unique sword Sigshesta before facing the wall and stepping forward.
“Fuhaa!” (Ray)
Sigshesta flashes and in the space of one beath four trails of light can be seen.
Ray stares at the wall in front of him.
“I cut it but……” (Ray)
Ray pushes the rectangular area he had cut out which fell through into the other side.
“What’s this?” Sasha asks in a surprised voice.
The other side of the cut was pure white. There had been a long flight of stairs leading up but now there was nothing. As far as the eye could see was nothing but pure white.
“Magic space?” Misha mutters
“Looks like it. They must have quarantined the classroom so you can’t leave during class.” (Arnos)
That doesn’t mean you can’t try to get out though.
I look at the white space with my demon eyes.
As soon as I did a crack appeared in the pure white space.
A tearing sound could be heard and suddenly a red spear appeared and thrust out.
Ray who was the closest to it jumped back and dodged it.
“….What the?” (Ray)
Ray stared at the tip of the red spear that was almost touching his nose.
“Crimson Blood Demon Spear. Dihidatem…..” (Arnos)
The broken space around the spear cracked even further.
The crack widened and the magical space shattered, making a sound like shattered glass.
With the white veil lifted, the outside of the classroom had returned to its original wooden interior revealing a man who was thrusting the spear out.
He had short cropped hair, a stern appearance, and a large eye patch that covers about half of his face.
Fumu. Another familiar face. Can’t be a coincidence.
“Even you’re here Dark King Ejes. Don’t tell me all four of the evil royals are here in this spirit school?” (Arnos)
Ejes withdrew his spear and absorbed it into a magic formation before turning to me with a sharp look on his face.
“I see you haven’t changed one bit after your reincarnation Demon King Arnos.” (Ejes)
“Fumu. I haven’t changed?” (Arnos)
“Underestimating the gods and overestimating your own power. It will trip you up one of these days.” Ejes says in a serious voice as he gives me frank advice.
“And you’re as nagging as ever. You mean since I have the child of god under my command I should get rid of them right?” (Arnos)
“It is unavoidable. Otherwise, if you just stand by and watch you will only increase your casualties.” (Ejes)
*Kuhahaha* I laugh at the dark king’s words.
“Unfortunately, I’m not willing to make that sacrifice, even with the Gods as my opponent.” (Arnos)
“An arrogant thought. Don’t you understand that if you don’t make sacrifices, there will only be more sacrifices?” (Ejes)
The dark king Ejes turns his eye to Misha and Sasha who both braced themselves.
“I have no intention of making trouble while in class. There’s already enough trouble here without me adding to it.” (Ejes)
Finishing his piece Ejes heads over to his seat.
“Dark King. When did join forces with the scarlet monument king and the curse king?” (Arnos)
“You could see it as the act of a spirit.” (Ejes)
Giving out a deliberately mysterious answer the dark king sits down.
“There.” Misha points to an empty stump seat.
As she pointed a black mist appeared and from within it, a man appeared.
It was a mazoku with six horns growing from his head. He’s not even interested in us, he’s just staring blankly in front of him.
“I’m assuming that’s also one of the four evil royals?” (Sasha)
“Aah. Curse King Kaihiram Jiste.” (Arnos)
It was his subordinate that had half of the demon sword and is the candidate most likely to know what’s going on with Shin.
However, in the case of the curse king, it is a little difficult to get things out of him by force.
“You’re not going to talk to him?” (Sasha)
“Fumu. I guess. Let’s go.” (Arnos)
I walk over to the curse king.
“It’s been a while Kaihiram.” (Arnos)
The curse king looked at me vaguely as I spoke to him but doesn’t answer back.
“Oh, I see. It’s Jiste at the moment?” (Arnos)
He smiles at me now.
“Oh, I was thinking of you and you appeared demon king Arnos-sama. Its been 2000 years.” (Jiste)
The voice of the curse king had no hostility in it at all. He spoke like a woman and at the moment his heart is truly female.
“Hows Kaihiram?” (Arnos)
“He’s gone off again and hasn’t come back at all. It’s troublesome really. His wanderlust takes over and he leaves his lover behind.” (Jiste)
“I see. By the way, what are you doing here?” (Arnos)
“Studying. I’ve got nothing to do until Kaihiram-sama returns. What about you Arnos-sama?” (Jiste)
“I’m looking for someone. My subordinate Shin. Have you seen him?” (Arnos)
“Ah, he was here a little while ago. We were studying together but he disappeared like he was spirited away. The subordinates of the scarlet monument king and the dark king have also disappeared.” (Jiste)
“Is the spiriting away connected to the class here?” (Arnos)
“It seems you’ll disappear if you fail tests here. It seems the only way to get them back is to ask the spirit king at the top of this great tree.” (Jiste)
“Is it easy to get to the top?” (Arnos)
Jiste shook her head.
“I heard you have to take the class seriously and pass a test of spirits to get there. Oh, that reminds me. A subordinate of Kaihiram-sama was taken away and he told me to help them until he returned. It’s causing me a bit of trouble actually.” (Jiste)
Fumu. So the subordinates of the scarlet monument king and the dark king are being held hostage so they are seriously studying here?”
I don’t buy it. There must be more.
“Who is the spirit king?” (Arnos)
“Isn’t he the king of the spirirts? I have no idea. I’ve never met him.” (Jiste)
It looks like the only way to meet the Spirit King is to pass the spirit trials.
As long as I meet him I can get my subordinates back but what do I do now?
For the time being, I’ll finish up with Jiste.
“Sorry for disturbing you.” (Arnos)
“No problem. See you later Demon King-sama.” (Jiste)
As we walked away Sasha whispered to me.
“….Nee, what was that about?” (Sasha)
“As you’ve no doubt figured out the curse king has a split personality. The main personality is the curse king Kaihiram but there’s also his lover Jiste.” (Arnos)
“I don’t get it…….” (Sasha)
Sasha glances over at the curse king. Though his face is neutral his body is completely male.
“The fact that he has a split personality is nothing to be concerned about. The problem is that when the personality switch happens not only are his memories completely replaced but even his origin changes. If I was to search Jiste’s memories I would not find a single memory of Kaihiram’s.” (Arnos)
“Mysterious.” (Misha)
“I’m sure there’s only one origin but not even Kaihiram is able to switch personalities at will. It just happens.” (Arnos)
We’ll have to wait until the curse king comes back to ask any further questions.
“Kukuku.” Nousgalia lets out a laugh
“What a funny scene. We’ve got the demon king and the four evil royals who are second only to the demon king. You all influenced Deiruheido 2000 years ago and are now all gathered in this hall taking lessons.” (Nousgalia)
“You’ve got room to talk.” (Arnos)
“Haha” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia laughs again and moves to an empty stump.
“God’s plan is absolute. My actions are still within my order. You may think you have taken me out Demon King of Tyranny but there is no discrepancy in the worlds order. Even me having to take a class will not alter that.” (Nousgalia)
Nousgalia sits down full of composure.
At that moment bells ring out again.
“The book command has rung.”
“Sensei is coming.”
The Titi fly noisily around the classroom.
“Well, what should we do?” (Eleonor)
“I guess we’ll have to take the class.” (Ray)
“Yeah, let’s do that for now. I’m curious who this spirit king is. This seems to be the quickest way to meet this fellow and ask him to release Shin and the others.” (Arnos)
I sat down on a nearby stump. Misha and the others also picked seats and sat down.
“Its time for class”
A voice sounded out of nowhere.
“Since we have some new students here today, let me introduce myself.”
Eyes, nose, and a mouth appeared on a large tree that grew near to the classroom’s podium.
“My name is the great tree Eniyunien and this is the spirit school.” (Eniyunien)
The voice sounded over the whole classroom.