Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 137.1

Chapter 137.1: The Demon King’s Luck [Part 1]

“Now, when I give you the signal, you may ascend the stairs of your choice. The sooner you choose the stairs, the better.”
The voice of the great tree of Eniyunien echoed.
The sooner we make a decision, the better, but as long as we’re betting on our luck, it won’t matter much even if we choose quickly.
“You may run, but it will be considered a foul to interfere with the others. In that case, you will be disqualified. If two people want to ascend the same stairs at the same time, please wait until I make a decision…”
Everyone listened intently as the rules of the trials were explained.
“You are not permitted to follow any other path than the designated path during the trials of the spirits. Destroying the walls or [Teleportation Gatom] will disqualify you, so be careful.”
So it would be impossible to use [Teleportation Gatom] to join up with the others after the correct path is found?
Because otherwise, we won’t be able to try our luck.
“Then, are you ready? The trials of the spirits will begin now!”
The signal to begin the trials sounded.
Of the twenty staircases, there were five that had been hit.
If the words “test your luck” are true, the chance of reaching the Spirit King is one in four.
While everyone in the room was staring at the stairs, Gilisiris, the Scarlet Monument King, was the first to start walking.
“This is ridiculous. There’s nothing more ridiculous than getting lost while trying your luck.”
As he said, he took the fifteenth staircase on the far left and climbed it without hesitation.
“Oh, I forgot to mention…”
Gilisiris turned around with his gelatinous neck, languidly, after a few steps up.
“Thou shalt not pass this test, Demon Lord. Because this is a test of luck, and thy luck has been bad.”
Oh dear, he said meaningfully.
“Are you tampering with the stairs now that you’ve finished with the answer sheet?”
“No way, no way, do you have proof? It’s just that there’s no mystery that you will fail the test. There is a three-fourths chance that you will fail. In fact, it’s more dishonest to claim that the stairs you choose would be a hit.”
Hmmm. What could you possibly have done to try my luck?
Gilisiris sneered.
“It’s all about using the annihilation sword, isn’t it?”
After saying that, Gilisiris walked up the stairs.
At the end of the stairs, there was a door, and it was impossible to tell which was the correct path.
“What a boring ordeal.”
Muttering this, The Dark Lord Eges took a quick look around the stairs with his Magic Eye.
He went up the stairs on the far right.
“…Lord Kaihilam is good at this sort of thing, but I wonder if he’ll come back…”
Blurting, the Curse King’s lover Jiste walked up the third staircase from the far left.
“There are sixteen of us in all, so the odds are that four of us can pull off the right path. It depends on how many of the four evil clans are drawing a hit, but at the very worst, we’ll get one.”
Sasha said.
“But what’s the point if Master Anos doesn’t go?”
Lay smiled refreshingly at Misa’s words.
“Worst case scenario, if someone can meet the Spirit King and free Shin Reglia and Anos’s men, I think that would be fine.”
“But, I still think that Anos-kun should go.”
Eleonor raised her finger.
It would be better for me to go as long as I didn’t know who the Spirit King was.
“Are you really leaving it to chance?”
Misha stared at me and questioned.
“Well, judging by the unhindered movements of the Four Evil Kings, I’m not so sure. I don’t know how long they’ve been here, but it’s not like this is the first time they’ve been tested by the spirits.”
“Is there a way to find the right path?”
I nod.
“Or even if you’ve taken the wrong path, there may be a way to fix it.”
I looked at Rina as if asking her a question.
“…Oh, sorry…I remember seeing these stairs, but I can’t recall them…but I think I know them…maybe I’ll remember if I go up them.”
Hmm. But if we get up there, it will be too late.
“Even if we go the right way, we won’t necessarily be able to choose the right path. Judging from the way the Scarlet Monument King was talking, he’s probably playing a trick on us. The stairs I climb up will always lead me to the wrong place.”
Since the stairs were spirits, it was not impossible.
And it wouldn’t be surprising if I choose the incorrect one.
Even if we always miss the right stairs, they could just say it was due to bad luck.
Using the Annihilation Sword would be an easy solution, but I’m also concerned about what the Scarlet Monument King said. Or perhaps his goal was to keep making me use the sword and drain my power.
Although the Delzogade is still in the sky above the Eniyunien tree, once pulled out, the drain on magic power could not be compared to other forms of magic.
We couldn’t afford to be so careless as to fall prey to their schemes.
“Oh, we’ll be in trouble if we win, won’t we?”
Ellen said.
“Yeah. To be honest, I’m not sure, I’d be able to make it through anything other than a test of luck…”
“It would be nice if we could give our winnings to Anos-sama.”
The Fan Union girls say with a slightly anxious expression on their faces.
“Hmm. That’s a good point. Let’s go with that.”
I stepped forward and said to the big tree of education.
“Eniyunien, when will we know that the stairs we took were the right ones?”
“Hmm. If the stairs at the end of the door are up, then the path leads to the top. If it’s down, it’s a path back to this place.”
Well, that sounds good to me.