Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
In the school cafeteria.
“Look, Chu Zhou is here.”
“I heard that his guaranteed spot in Martial Arts University would be given to Jin Zhennan.”
“What a pity. It wasn’t easy for our school to produce a ‘commoner genius’… He still lost to a rich kid in the end.”
“It can’t be helped. It would have been fine if Jin Zhennan hadn’t become an Advanced Apprentice. Now that he has, the vast cultivation resources he has access to compared to Chu Zhou with his family background speaks for themselves…”
Chu Zhou, the “commoner genius”, was considered a celebrity in the Fifth High School.
Many of the students would greet him as “Senior Brother Chu Zhou” warmly when they saw him before all of this happened.
However, he realized that the situation had changed.
Fewer students greeted him.
Many of them looked at him “strangely”. Some were sympathetic. Some were gloating. There were all kinds of gazes.
Many people were gossiping about his guaranteed spot being taken away by Jin Zhennan.
“Looks like the news has spread! News sure travels fast! I wonder if someone spread it on purpose.” Chu Zhou did not care about the gazes and discussions around him.
His future was destined to be different from these people since he had awakened his Attribute Board. He was destined to be a powerhouse, to be at the peak of the human pyramid, as long as he did not fall astray.
Only a handful of these people would become martial artists in the end. Why would a dragon care about the opinions and gazes of mere ants?
“Crackpot, what’s going on man? Why did Jin Zhennan replace you in your spot?” A spherical creature rolled over from afar.
The person was naturally his best friend, Dong Wende.
“It’s just like what you heard, Jin Zhennan has become an Advanced Apprentice. The Academic Director, Jin Jingmao wants him to replace me in the guaranteed spot…” Chu Zhou did not hide anything from his best friend, Dong Wende.
He had even revealed the agreement with Jin Zhennan to compete in the elite trial in a month’s time to determine who would be given the guaranteed spot.
“Damn it, it must be because Jin Zhennan is the nephew of the Academic Director… He is obviously playing favorites.” Dong Wende said indignantly.
“Wait a minute… So the person getting the spot has yet to be decided? Why are Jin Zhennan’s lackeys spreading that the spot belongs to Zhennan then?” Dong Wende told Chu Zhou what he had just seen. A few of Jin Zhennan’s lackeys were telling everyone that Jin Zhennan had surpassed Jin Zhennan and replaced him in his spot.
A cold glint flashed across Chu Zhou’s eyes when he heard that.
Speak of the devil. Four figures suddenly walked over with Jin Zhennan leading the pack.
“Jin Zhennan, Chu Zhou’s guaranteed spot isn’t yours yet but your lackeys are already spreading rumors everywhere that it is yours. You’re too shameless!” Dong Wende mocked.
“What? So that is fake news? Jin Zhennan hasn’t replaced Chu Zhou for the spot?” Many students heard Dong Wende’s voice and surrounded them in the cafeteria.
“Eh, Qianqian, isn’t that the ‘commoner genius’ Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan? They seem to be having a conflict. Let’s go over and take a look.” Ji Xiaoxuan said to Liu Qianqian as they entered the cafeteria.
They were no longer in the mood to cultivate after discovering the traces left behind by the Mastery Realm Curved Hand Blade in the small forest. They were about to have dinner when they happened to see the scene in front of them.
“Damn fatty, spreading rumors? We’re telling the truth! They are both Advanced Apprentices but Young Master Jin cultivates C-rank breathing techniques and C-rank combat techniques. Chu Zhou cultivates D-rank breathing techniques and D-rank combat techniques. Young Master Jin even has true martial artists guiding him in his cultivation… How can Chu Zhou compare to Young Master Jin? His guaranteed spot will belong to Young Master Jin sooner or later!”
“What ‘commoner genius’? When the cat’s away, the mice will play. This commoner genius is not worth mentioning now that Young Master Jin has advanced.”
“A wise person submits to his circumstances, Chu Zhou. I’ve asked around. Your martial arts talent was very ordinary when you took the middle school examination… Your potential is actually not much stronger than ours. You may be an Advanced Apprentice now, but I don’t think you have much hope of becoming a true martial artist… It’s better to rely on Young Master Jin. With Young Master Jin’s background, he can at least provide you with an elite bodyguard profession in the future. You can earn 10,000 to 20,000 Alliance Dollars a month easily.” Liu Ping, Wang Zhi, and Ma Dong shouted loudly.
“Pfft, calling him Young Master Jin. You dogs are really proud of yourselves!” Dong Wende retorted angrily.
“Jin Zhennan, why don’t you leash your dogs?” Chu Zhou asked coldly.
“I think they’re right!” Jin Zhennan adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses and smiled calmly.
“I hate the immoral act of walking a dog without a leash. I’ll put them on a leash since you won’t.” Chu Zhou attacked directly.
The life force of an ordinary human was about 0.5 and their maximum speed was about 9.58 seconds per 100 meters, which was about 10.43 meters per second.
Chu Zhou’s Life Field was 3.5, which was seven times that of ordinary humans. His physical fitness was at least three to four times stronger than ordinary humans.
Therefore, his speed could reach 30 meters per second at least, which was equivalent to 108 kilometers per hour. This speed was rather terrifying.
His figure appeared in front of Liu Ping, Wang Zhi, and Ma Dong within a split second.
Many people did not see how he attacked. They only saw the three being sent flying a few meters away. Then, they all arched their bodies like prawns, twitching and foaming at the mouth.
“Chu Zhou, how dare you touch my people?” Jin Zhennan could not help but be furious when he saw Chu Zhou directly defeating his lackeys.
One should find out who is the master before beating the dog. Chu Zhou had beaten his lackeys in front of him. Wasn’t this a slap to his face?
“Not just them! I beat you up as well!” Chu Zhou originally wanted to wait until the elite trial to suppress Jin Zhennan, but now he did not want to wait anymore.
He struck again, appearing in front of Jin Zhennan with a single step. His right hand turned into a sharp blade, slashing an arc towards Jin Zhennan.
It was aggressive, as if it was an assassin who was beheading someone.
Jin Zhennan’s expression changed drastically. He had never expected Chu Zhou to be so decisive, hitting his lackeys as well as him.
C-rank combat technique, Killing Fist!
He punched out violently, his arm instantly became one-third thicker, emitting a violent aura. An explosion sounded in the air.
The hand blade and fist collided, stirring up a violent airflow.
Jin Zhennan’s pupils contracted as he felt a bone-piercing pain coming from his fist. It was as if his fist had been ruthlessly slashed.
“How is this possible? He actually used the Curved Hand Blade to block my Killing Fist?” Jin Zhennan’s expression changed drastically as he quickly retracted his fist.
Liu Qianqian’s gaze froze when she saw Chu Zhou use the Curved Hand Blade in the crowd. She could feel vaguely that Chu Zhou’s Curved Hand Blade seemed to have exceeded the Proficient Realm.
A shocking thought flashed through her mind. Could Chu Zhou be the one who used the Mastery Realm Curved Hand Blade in the forest?
“What are you doing? Are you fighting in the cafeteria?” A lazy-looking middle-aged man suddenly walked over.
“It’s Fat Wolf!” Someone exclaimed.
Chu Zhou’s eyes flashed, immediately recognizing the person.
He was their combat technique teacher, nicknamed “Fat Wolf.” It was rumored that he had once been a mercenary and only came to the Fifth High School as a teacher after retiring. There was even a scar on his face!
Chu Zhou knew that today’s battle could not continue since Fat Wolf appeared.
“Teacher, I was sparring with Jin Zhennan just now!” Chu Zhou blinked and smiled.
“That’s right, it’s a spar!” Jin Zhennan echoed.
There were some things that could not be made known to a teacher even though anyone with a discerning eye could tell that they were fighting. They would all be punished otherwise.
Fat Wolf glanced indifferently at Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan, who were spouting nonsense, but did not press on.
“Go to the martial arts classroom if you want to spar. This is a place to eat. Don’t disturb others.” He said calmly.
“Alright, Teacher. I’ll leave now!” Chu Zhou glanced at Jin Zhennan and the three lackeys who were foaming at the mouth on the ground before pulling his best friend Dong Wende away.
Jin Zhennan lowered his head and looked at his right hand. There was a trickle of blood slowly seeping out.
“Chu Zhou!!!” He gritted his teeth and craved the humiliation he felt in his heart. Then, he quickly left. He did not even spare a glance at the three lackeys.
After Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan left, Fat Wolf’s eyes suddenly lit up. It was as if a sleeping lone wolf had suddenly woken up.
“Chu Zhou’s Curved Hand Blade reached the Mastery Realm. He seems to be only 17 years old… As expected, dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes, and children of mice burrow into the ground…” He muttered in a low voice before the light in his eyes disappeared. His fat body gradually disappeared from sight.